Brand Elements

Branding is not a single undertaking, but a combination of several. Each part must be accomplished to help enable a firm to develop an effective and attractive brand.

Brands are often assumed to simply be a slogan or logo, like the MacDonald’s M or Nike Swoosh. In reality, however, they are a combination of different things that come together to create an image of a company and convey a message.

The main aim is to ensure that this combination is a positive one that resonates with the target market and helps ensure the firm whose brand it is grows and flourishes. This will help underpin your marketing strategy.

What are the main brand elements?

There are several key elements to a brand:

Some would subdivide these into more than six elements, but the above list covers the main components of a brand.

How does each element play its part?

Brand promise is the single most important thing a brand is promising to its customers. This can be anything from service and quality standards to the absence of hidden charges.

Brand identity is about the visual part. This is the logos, the slogans, the visual images created by adverts, the use of pictures, videos and so on.

The Brand essence, which may also be referred to as the brand image, is the passport of the brand.

  •   It is the thing that comes into people’s mind when they think of your brand
  •   It is something that should be easily remembered
  •   It should portray a positive view of your firm.

Brand position is all about creating a very clear identity for your firm. It is about what you do and why, as communicated through your content, ads and social media strategies.

Brand personality is the element that gives your brand something akin to a human personality in order to appeal to your target market. These could be something like:

  •   Excitement (to appeal to younger people)
  •   Sincerity (creates an image of security)
  •   Competence (Creates an image of reliability)

Brand story is a history of your brand outlining how this adds value and credibility.

Why we can help you bring the brand elements together

At BeUniqueness, we can offer extensive experience in branding. We know how the different elements of branding work and how co-ordinating them to function in combination with each other is essential to drawing up a clear brand identity for your firm. With our help you can establish a brand that stands out from the rest and helps your firm enjoy strong growth.