Why You Should Automate Your Digital Marketing Agency In 2022

By Rob Green
19 Nov 2022

Today, each and every brand needs promotion and an effective marketing strategy to reach its prospects at the right time on the right platform. There’s no denying the fact that marketing has become an important aspect to develop a business. The benefits and huge demand are one of the reasons why many people are starting to venture into the marketing industry and create their own marketing agencies.

Owning a marketing agency not only lets you make a significant amount of money but provides you with a safety net of profits.

If you own a digital marketing agency that doesn't meet its desired goals and objectives or maybe you want to launch your own agency but you:

  • Don't have the marketing expertise
  • Have limited funds to outsource different experts for different tasks
  • Always have an empty pipeline 
  • Understand it requires consistency but you don't have time
  • Then don’t lose hope, just yet.
The Done For You (DFY) marketing agency takes care of your marketing to-do list so you can focus on growing your business.

Big or small, digital marketing is important for every business's bottom line. But the problem is that it is extremely time-consuming and has to be done ONLY the right way to ensure your client gets results or else they will easily switch where they get better results. Digital marketing involves a ton of small and large tasks, DFY takes those tasks off your plate and grows your agency with less time, money, and effort.

A Done For You (DFY) marketing agency system will:

  • Do smarter marketing decisions that drive you a higher ROI. 
  • You get forecast campaign results and performance that identifies customer base bottlenecks.
  • Create winning marketing strategies that are proven and will induce conversions.
  • They’ll come up with marketing and advertising strategies that work for your business, suit your target audience’s demographics and figure out your customer’s journey and buyer buying behavior with advanced tools and expertise.
  • Build a successful brand for you that increases online revenue.
  • Custom-built sales funnels convert your visitors into paying customers and let you enjoy recurring revenue.
  • Provide you with an advanced web page mouse flow and heat map tracking that makes them understand your target audience in a much better way which ensures maximum conversions.
  • Expert data analysis and data scientists dive deeper into the data to measure, track and improve digital marketing execution.
  • Get you reliable, high-quality leads that keep your pipeline full and help your agency grow, making you more money.
  • Provide expert graphic designers who deal with social graphics, landing page mockups, lead magnets, and related things.
  • Top Tier Website developers cut your chase to hire a professional or learn how to add content, build landing pages, and built WordPress or Shopify websites.
  • Perform marketing automation for you which caters CRMs, email marketing, and full-funnel integration to maximize your reach and ROI.
  • Cater to all kinds of copy needs and compel high converting including email copy, Ad copy, website, and landing page.

Now imagine, how much time-consuming it would have been if you start doing all these tasks by yourself. Even if you outsource people for these tasks, no success is guaranteed, right?

Done For You (DFY) marketing agency system allows you to skip all the trial and error. Eliminates the painful missteps most of you make when launching your agency so you don’t have to ‘learn the hard way'. DFY lets you enjoy the benefits of a virtual marketing task team at your fingertip.

But be aware of the fact that, NOT ALL DFY systems out there are created equal. Most of them are just plain sappy gimmicks with little or no tangible value to you as they provide not even half of what’s mentioned above. 

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