Outshine Your Competitors

By Charlie Britten
02 Jun 2020
Getting your firm to stand out in a crowded marketplace is not easy. There will be any number of other small and medium-sized companies out there wanting to serve the same customers as you, promising to meet the same needs and claiming their solutions are the most effective.

So what can you do to avoid being just one company among many, offering the same things and feeling like your firm is just a drop in the ocean?
The answer is that with the right research, some careful planning and a clear vision, you can set your enterprise on the path to becoming something different and able to offer your customers something unique and exceptional.

So, how can you go about this?

The first thing to do is study your rivals. Have a good look at what they are doing. Does anything stand out? Do they have a unique selling point?  How good is their website? Is there something a particular competitor does that is unlike the rest?

By studying what the competition does, you can pick up some good ideas of what will help enhance your firm and its services, but you may also be able to spot shortcomings in other companies that you don’t want to copy.
Of course, providing enhanced customer service will always improve your reputation and ensure people stay loyal to you. But to do this effectively, you need some clear guidelines on what to do.

A great way to do this is by setting your firm key performance indicators, or KPIs. These will set out exactly what sort of service people can expect, what you will deliver and by when. By implementing these targets and meeting them, you will ensure a high standard of service many rivals will not match.

But just being competent is not enough. You need to stand out in other ways and one of the best is to associate yourself with a cause. This may be something central to your core activity; for example, a law firm seeking to help the underdog fight cases, or an E-commerce firm that sells environmentally-friendly products. Alternatively, you can associate your firm with good causes by having close links to a charity or some other worthy undertaking.

All this will be good for your firm, but it will not be very effective unless you can harness the full power of digital marketing. 

With content marketing to raise awareness, PPC to gain leads, email marketing to follow up those leads and social media management to help create a strong brand for your firm and tell its story in a compelling way, you can help show your potential customers just what is special about your firm. 

With help from BeUniqueness, your unique selling points can be placed front and centre to ensure that the people you want to market your firm to are left in no doubt what it is about you that stands out from the rest.