How to Optimise Your Website for Better Lead Generation

By Billy Collins
02 Feb 2023
Lead generation is one of the best ways to boost your sales and grow your bottom line. Business owners must capture leads that are possible through the website. We live in a world of internet marketing; therefore, getting leads may take a little more time and strategy if you are consistent enough. Below are some ways you can optimise your website.

Must-haves to optimise your website

Your website will start generating leads after covering the following must-haves.

Fast - consumers avoid websites that are too slow to load. If the load time for your website is over two seconds, the visitors will leave the site. Therefore, business owners should use page speed tools to understand their website speed.

Clean - You should update your website constantly to make it look more appealing to visitors. No visitor will enjoy checking out products from a website that looks old or and is not outdated.

Mobile optimised - many people use their mobile phones to search for products or information online. Therefore, yo should have a simple and interactive mobile version of the website to create a first impression for potential leads.

Laying out the journey of the buyers
Every buyer is at their stage of the buying process and needs different things from you. Most people who visit websites are not yet ready to buy, but if you understand buyers’ stages before purchasing a product, you will convert them into leads. You can use various frameworks to conceptualise the buyer’s journey. The frameworks include AIDA (awareness, interest, desire, and action) and AEC (attract, engage, and convert). Better lead generation is only possible if you understand your visitors’ typical desires and challenges.

Optimising your content backwards

Lead generation is also done through content creation. You must drive traffic to your website and educate your audience. Moreover, you must become an authority and establish a connection of trust with your readers. Most companies don’t know how to optimise their content backwards for lead generation. This means starting at the bottom of the funnel and working backwards. Therefore, you should prioritise landing pages before focusing on blog posts. Doing this ensures that the further down your leads go, the closer they make a purchasing decision which makes them more valuable. Ecommerce website optimisation will help you improve your website and allow visitors to convert to consumers quickly.

The best way to build new leads for a business is through website optimisation. By carrying out the tips as mentioned earlier, you’ll get an interacting and more engaging website that will help you convert leads into customers.