How to boost your social media marketing strategy

By Erin Hu
23 Sep 2019

The extent of social media use across the globe is now quite staggering. According to Oberlo and Avocado Social statistics, there are 3.2 billion users worldwide, including 45 million in the UK. Therefore, social media presents a huge opportunity for your law firm to target your market and generate leads.

In order to implement a successful social media marketing strategy for your law firm, you'll need to have a well structured plan. This will guide you in everything from attracting audiences and engaging with your online followers to converting your followers into paying customers. Thus, it is necessary to keep up with the constant changes to the nature of social media as well as adapt your strategy accordingly.

So how to improve your social media marketing strategy for growing your firm? We have a few hints and tips for you.

Why will legal blogs boost you social media marketing strategy?

Producing a regular legal marketing blog is a great way to improve your social media presence.

Not only does this boost your overall traffic, but it also bolsters your trustworthiness and reliability in the estimation of the search engine crawlers. If you mention other people and businesses, this can prompt them to share your content and mention you as well.

Always remember to add social sharing buttons in your blog, to encourage readers to share it across useful platforms.

Why images are essential for your legal content?

Images are extremely important for your law firm’s social media marketing strategies, as nowadays people are more likely to click on content with an image. Research shows articles with images will get 20% more people to see and share your content compared to those do not.

It could take you a while to create and edit images if you lack design skills. But don’t panic; there are a lot of online tools out there that can help you to design a good image. Examples include Pixabay and Canva.

It is important to make sure the image is relevant to the legal services you are offering, not least because that improves its SEO.

How can you use a digital content calendar for your law firm?

A successful approach to legal content marketing will not simply consist of creating content and posting it immediately on social media.

  • You need to make sure you’re implementing social media marketing strategies as efficiently as possible.
  • Using a content calendar for social media is vital when you need to organise all the content that you want to generate and publish.
  • The content calendar also allows you to plan and start scheduling your posts ahead of time.

Another way you can enhance your law firm’s social media marketing is to carry out evaluations of your previous posts’ performance which can help you plan your future campaigns with greater efficiency.

How can your law firm participate in trends on social media?

The goal for social media marketing is to get your online audiences to become your prospects. You need to find out what your law firm’s potential customers are interested in on social media and what type of content can get them to like, share and comment on your posts. This will not only drive your brand awareness, but also enable your potential clients to take actions through your social media posts.

It’s very simple to do so.

  • For example, on Twitter you can see which topics are being discussed the most by checking out "trends”.
  • You can also join the community on Facebook or include popular hashtags on LinkedIn to get your brand visible online.
  • In the case of legal services, there may be some obvious routes to take with social media. For example, LinkedIn is a good place for content relating to professional services.

How can you utilise social media advertising for your legal firm?

Law firms can make a success of organic content with patience and persistence, but if you want to get results sooner, social media ads can offer you a fast-track alternative. Advertising on major social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, particularly SME law firms.

The important thing to remember is to analyse different platforms, based on your target audiences, budget and ad formats, to ensure the right buyer persona is being targeted.

What can we do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we have the expertise to help your law firm plan your social media marketing strategies. This includes helping you decide which social media platform is the best option for you to target potential clients. As ever, we seek to tailor the solution to the nature of your law firm and the challenges facing it.