How can your blog engage more traffic?

By Charlie Britten
01 Aug 2019

You may write some great blogs, but there are plenty more out there who could be writing on similar topics to yours. So how can you make yours stand out and attract a greater share of web traffic?

The good news is this is not a matter of luck; there are several steps you can take that will significantly improve SEO and boost the likelihood that your blog will attract lots of readers, who may in turn become leads and potential future customers.

Why titles are crucial

A great title is vital if your blog is going to attract plenty of traffic. Just look at how newspaper and magazine headlines are written: something catchy, memorable, enticing and relevant will invariably be more likely to prompt the reader to have a look.

This is not a coincidence. The headline or title of a piece is the first thing anyone reads, because it tells them what the article is about. If it suggests the content is not relevant to what they are looking for or interested in, they will carry on searching elsewhere for something that fits with what they are looking for.

Consequently, relevance is the first thing to consider in a title.

  • This can be further boosted with keywords, particularly long-tail keywords. These are longer clusters of words that are used when people are searching for something very specific. If your title is similar, it is more likely it will appear in search.
  • Use search tools to check before you publish the blog that the title is likely to be optimised - that is, it contains words or phrases likely to make it rank high when someone is using a search engine.
  • Keeping your headline reasonably short (50-70 characters) can be very helpful for search, as it means the whole of it can appear in a search result. Longer ones (more than 100 characters) are better for SEO.

If this can be combined with something that looks interesting and relevant, then you will have a great chance of attracting more traffic.

Content must be relevant too

While the title is all-important, the content must be too. The first paragraph will also be important in driving traffic. It’s not just that a dull or irrelevant start to the blog will drive people away and waste your efforts; it will also deter people from coming back to read your future articles.

Above all, consider your audience. Who are they? What interests them? If you were them, why would they want to come and read your blog?

Why you should Blog a lot

The above point relates to the importance of blogging frequently. Regular updates to content keep it fresh and give readers reasons to come back.

Include pictures, video and offers

To make a blog particularly enticing, include pictures.

  • A relevant picture or video alongside an optimised title can boost your search ranking, and it is also makes the page more visually attractive.
  • Video is very effective: Nearly a third more readers will be much more likely to read your content if it contains video.
  • Special offers for readers are another element that will attract return visits, particularly if you renew these or offer something else in future updates. Remember, you don’t just want first-time visitors, but people who will keep on coming back. 

How BeUniqueness can help you

At BeUniqueness, we can provide blog content that is designed to make an impact. Focused on the need to be relevant and attractive, we will also ensure it is optimised and helps steer potential clients through the buyer journey, from awareness through consideration and on to becoming buyers.

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