How can you generate sales from your website?

By Charlie Britten
31 Dec 2019

In a digital age, every firm needs a website that can boost its sales and profitability. But simply having a web presence is not enough. The site needs to be designed in the right way.

Few firms do not have an online presence, but not everyone manages to generate new business through its site. Just having a site, a price list and a bit of information about products and services is not enough.

The reason for this is simple; a successful website will be attractive, include compelling content that draws in more visitors, great SEO, provide extensive information and lots of user-friendly links to enable people to take things further.  

What factors make a site an asset for your sales?

Here are just some of the factors that make a difference to whether your website can help your firm sell or not:

  •          Optimised content: A good site will feature content with great organic SEO, which will help attract people to read it and then see what you have to offer.
  •       Technical SEO: Your site needs to have a good user experience. Poor navigation and slow load-ups can deter people from staying on your site and a high ‘bounce rate’ can lead to you being penalised in search engine rankings.  
  •          Good design: An attractive colour scheme, easy navigation, good and relevant images and the inclusion of video are good both for SEO and for creating a positive impression of your site and your firm, making people more willing to stay on the site.
  •          Easy access to buyer options: Having lots of clickable links or call-to-action buttons is great not just for good navigation, but also to steer people easily to take further action, whether it is to acquire more information or to make a purchase.

What might your site need?

Your firm might be in two possible situations just now. Either you don’t have a website yet and you need one designing from scratch, or you do have a site but it needs an overhaul.

Often, it is when someone has set up a site but has found it is not helping them sell that they seek expert advice to improve it. This can happen in two ways:

  •          It may be a site simply needs a few tweaks to improve it and turn an average site into a great one
  •          Alternatively, it may need a fundamental re-design

The key is to be prepared to do whatever is necessary to bring your site up to scratch, because you can be sure many of your rivals will want to do the same, while those who don’t will be at a big disadvantage.

How do designers know what must change?

Among the ways in which web services providers establish how to make a site better at selling is to carry out a full web audit. This will cover everything from technical SEO to competitor analysis to find the ways in which a site can best be improved.

Why do your needs get priority?



While you may rely on some considerable design expertise, one thing that will never be forgotten is that it is your site and you need to be happy and comfortable with it. So when our designers give your site an overhaul or design it from scratch, the process will only be complete when you are completely happy with how it all looks and works.

Why BeUniqueness can help you sell

Because we offer both digital marketing expertise and web design, BeUniqueness understands how important it is that you don’t just have a site that looks nice. It will also be designed with the functions that maximise your site’s capacity to engage potential customers and ease them along the buyer journey to the point of sale.

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