How can a great email marketing campaign fit with a strong content strategy?

By Charlie Britten
08 Jan 2019

How can a great email marketing campaign fit with a strong content strategy?


We’ve all been on the receiving end of email marketing, but many won’t realise just how much preparation an email marketer needs to put into an effective campaign.

While it is true that some companies will still rely on a wasteful, scattergun approach by emailing anyone and everyone, having and knowing how to use an email marketing software package is central to executing an effective strategy.

Indeed, to take it to the next level, the best thing you can do with your email marketing is work to integrate it into your wider content strategy.

Consider how this works; good content attracts readers and gets them to the start of the buyer journey and marketing funnel. Now you must help ease them through the all-important consideration stage.

That is where you can co-ordinate content with your email marketing. For example, if a call-to action in your content gets people to sign up for emails, or fill in a form with more details, you will have their permission to contact them further and you can then follow this up with your email strategy.

Having aimed your initial content at a particular buyer persona, the responses you receive will help you to narrow down your target market more and this enables you to segment your mailshots. Mailchimp, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Get Response, MailGet and Platformly are among the different packages out there that are designed to enable you to calibrate your mailshots to focus on your qualified leads.

As well as using your software to segment your initial mailshots, you may find you do this several times. For example, you may swiftly establish from the data they provide what services your contacts are likely to be interested in. You can also segment them according to whether they wish to receive certain forms of communication.

To keep your overall strategy balanced, make sure just four types of communication are used in emails. Regular mailshots with promotions and special offers will be the primary focus for new contacts to attract them to your services, although these can continue to be sent throughout the buyer journey.

Those who have responded to a call-to-action or are existing customers can be sent surveys and newsletters, while auto-conformation emails are important to enable those responding to a contact that their communication has been received and you will be back in touch shortly.

Naturally, there are plenty of errors that can derail this strategy. Failure to segment properly can lead to unwanted contacts. Not checking the content of anything you email can be catastrophic, especially if the same email is going to many people. Therefore, always take that bit of extra time to test your emails and spot anything that may be amiss, from typos and factual errors to bad links.

Effective emails can also loop back to your content, by containing links to your blogs. These, in turn, can help nudge people further along the buyer journey.

Nor should it be forgotten that once potential customers have become actual ones, there can be golden opportunities for retention, increased custom and the transformation of happy customers into advocates whose recommendations to family, friends and colleagues can go further than even the most sophisticated marketing strategy.

Your email marketing is likely to be paramount at this stage. While further content may interest existing customers, it is at this stage that special offers, loyalty-based packages and incentives to recommend services and products to others can be part of email campaigns.

At its best, content marketing features authoritative, objective and interesting content, not something that is pushy or ‘salesy’. It is the gateway that brings forth the potential contacts, who can be established as your qualified leads for email campaigns.

Having a joined-up marketing strategy across the board makes perfect sense, but it can easily be neglected. That is why we at BeUniqueness can give your marketing the full attention it deserves and offer your firm a significant edge over your competitors. Click here for more.