How can a clear buyer persona help busineeses meet their market needs?

By Charlie Britten
12 Aug 2019

Knowing your customer is as essential in your market. It can shape everything you do, both when acquiring new business and in how well you provide a service. 

This factor is something that can easily be overlooked. Often, the idea of categorising clients in order to tailor your services to their specific needs and wants might be restricted to those with obvious special requirements, such as people with disabilities.

A more holistic way of looking at the matter is to think in more broad terms about your wider target market. Any well-directed marketing campaign - such as one using content marketing, email, social media or a combination of these - will focus on the characteristics of the customer base.

What are buyer personas?  

Marketers are familiar with the concept of the 'buyer persona' - a representation of the most common relevant characteristics of the people in the target market. This may include features such as:






Most importantly, what their problems are that you may be able to solve

It is important to have this in place to market your firm effectively, but this can also dovetail well with the service you provide. 

For example, suppose your firm deals with a lot of overseas clients. Clearly certain nationalities will feature in the buyer persona, which is central to the marketing side, but it also provides obvious clues to the kind of service you need to provide.

What can personas tell you about the services you need to provide?

A couple of examples of this might be:

  • If the persona shows up that people of a particular nationality tend not to speak English well, the provision of well-translated documents can be made a priority.
  • Another example might be a professional whose working hours mean they find it hard to get time to meet during the normal day, and thus require strong online communication, or flexibility over meeting times
These are just a couple of many possible examples of how solicitors and barristers can know their clients better, gain insights through more focused listening and feed this back into the strategy for attracting more clients. 

How BeUniqueness can help your firm

While buyer personas may be a marketing term, it is not some abstract theory. With our tailored strategies designed to suit your individual firm's needs, we can help you devise accurate and informative personas around which you can build your whole marketing strategy.

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