How a joined-up strategy makes content marketing more effective

By Charlie Britten
10 Apr 2019
Anyone with any significant marketing experience knows what content marketing is. But making it effective is more of a challenge than it used to be.

It’s not just that loading up high-ranking keywords with no relevance to the subject or keyword stuffing has been rooted out by search engine algorithms; this has not done to be spoilsports or make life harder for marketers, but to help bring the focus back to relevance and good quality. Digital marketing companies in Manchester like ourselves can produce better content as a result.

That does not just mean keeping your bounce rate down. It means there is an opportunity to tie in your quest to get a high search ranking with a wider marketing strategy that understands the full buyer journey and is designed to help potential customers become real ones - and then stay with you.

Why are keywords not everything?  

Keywords remain a major part of your content strategy, even if some have argued that they are now of less importance. They are still important for SEO because they can match up search terms. This is particularly true due to the development of algorithms that read long-tail keywords and approximate terms.

However, it is true that keywords are just one factor among many:

  • Readability and trustworthiness also important for SEO.
  • Building trust can also be aided by the inclusion of strong words, like "because”, "therefore” and "for this reason”. These can help steer the reader towards a sense of trust in the authoritative tone of the writer.  
  • So too are elements like relevant images. Indeed, research has shown that pages with pictures get more views than those lacking them. For some products, people are very keen to see what is on offer before making any commitment to purchase.

How can content fit into a wider strategy? 

Another consideration is how your content will fit into your wider marketing strategy, which can include elements like pay-per-click, email marketing and social media. In the first instance, care needs to be taken to ensure everyone involved in your marketing team is on the same page. Your tone-of-voice, brand and message must be consistent.  

  • The primary role of the content is to create awareness and then help the potential customer through the consideration stage.
  • Through the inclusion of elements like a call-to action, the email marketing can start to kick in, targeting those who have filled in forms or requested more information.
  • Working together, the content marketing and other areas of strategy can help create virtuous cycles, in which the buyer journey is made easier and, once someone has made a purchase, they can be targeted further through both interesting content and more email marketing.

At this stage, the use of special offers and incentives can be a part of the email marketing plan, but content has a big part to play in the ongoing buyer journey.

Why is user-generated content useful?

In particular, an important element that can come into play at this stage is user-generated content. Existing customers can be a wonderful marketing asset as advocates for your firm, its brand and services. By providing them with opportunities to write articles explaining how you understood their needs and resolved their problems, you can enjoy the benefits of their endorsement.

Because it comes from them and not yourselves, it will enjoy greater trust among readers. This works in the same way as positive reviews on a website such as TripAdvisor.

By offering a combination of high-quality and varied content as part of a focused long-term content plan, you can benefit your enterprise by helping acquire and retain more customers.

How BeUniqueness can help

Beuniqueness has extensive knowledge of content marketing and our experienced staff have seen and worked in a changing environment as content marketing has evolved. With our understanding of SEO and other developments in the field, we can help ensure your content maximises your opportunities to raise awareness and generate leads.