DFY Ecommerce Model Versus DIY Model. Which Is Better?

By Sadaf Batool
16 Nov 2022
Right now, online shopping is on its boom, which is why in today’s time running a successful eCommerce business is one of the best ways to make your money work for you and generate a passive stream of income. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. The E-commerce explosion means you have to face fierce competition not to mention the daunting process of hunting down a perfect product that is not yet saturated and other tasks such as fulfilling orders has become more overwhelming than it has ever been.

Once you have established a thriving eCommerce store and overcome a few initial obstacles, you can enjoy the benefits for years to come. But, the real question is if you should do everything from the scratch by yourself, or opt for a DFY eCommerce system and let experts handle it and hand you over once it has been established.

Let’s find out which option is best for you by going through the most important tasks one by one…

Niche selection:

The first rabbit hole you’ll enter when brainstorming about your e-commerce store is which niche you’re going to go for. Due to high competition and saturation in the market, you have to get it right to start off with a good start, or else all your efforts will go down in vain.

While doing it by yourself you have to spend a huge amount of time on hard-core research. You should be well aware of what niche you want to go for.

Once you decide, you again have to research more about your niche’s size, competitive factors, target audience, demographics, and buyer spending habits. You should know if your niche is in a trending or perennial category, what are the average net sales on a typical product and so on.

However, If you are going for a DFY eCommerce system you don’t have to worry about spending months researching. These systems lean towards tightly focused product categories, especially in a perennial niche that would help your store work well for years, saving you time.

Product selection and Validation:

This phase again requires deep research. You have to hunt, search and locate the best product that generates traffic and is worth spending your money on. Due to mass migration in eCommerce, you might face common issues such as market saturation, pricing wars, and the inability to brand your product.

To eliminate these grave issues and potential risks, DFY eCommerce will do the guesswork for you. They’ll hunt a winning product that has already been market tested and verified to convert traffic clicks into actual sales.

Product suppliers and fulfillment

This phase is essential as your brand image relies on it. If you chose the best supplier, they’ll provide you best quality product resulting in a positive brand image of your brand.

For this you have to:

  • Study and find out suppliers who supply your products
  • Build a directory of dropshipping suppliers
  • Have a thorough competitor analysis, researching which supplier they use
  • Contact manufacturers and sample their products
  • Negotiate contracts and costs 
  • Sign up for the most compatible supplier 

While doing it by yourself, you have to do each of these by yourself. However, when you opt for a DFY model your life gets much easier.
You don't have to worry about thousands of AliExpress clone sites as you’ll already get vetted products as strong sellers and secured fulfillment from unique channels.

Branding and design creatives 

Robust branding guarantees long-term viability and differentiation. When talking about eCommerce, a private label is a way to go. 

You need to make sure your private label brand is always on top, and for that, you need to focus on constantly evolving powerful creatives. It will cater your website images to your logo and branding scheme. 

You’ll have 2 options here. Either you hire a creative expert or use the same Aliexpress image that every other seller is using. While working with a DFY system you will not only get personalized creatives but will get your logo, brand color scheme, professional photography that reflects your brand, and much more in your package.
Marketing and advertising

To be very honest, marketing new products aren't easy at all. It’s a little risky as you’re unsure if you’ll get the desired results or not. Keep in mind that it requires a lot of time and money. You need clicks to generate a sale, and for a click, you need to run a paid ad. You can either spend hundreds of hours learning how Ads work or you can outsource someone to manage your Ad campaigns still guaranteeing you no result.

DFY eCommerce system has a professional designing team who has been writing, designing, and running successful Ad campaigns. They’ll know which platforms to use to advertise, and how to advertise so that no money goes down the drain and your brand gets the maximum awareness and conversions possible.


From the cost-benefit analysis, you’ll spend almost the same amount of money on a DFY eCommerce system as you’ll spend niching, researching, branding, sourcing, building, and running your own drop-ship business.

It's quite understood that when you do everything by yourself it is very time-consuming and far riskier as you’ll have to do lots of trial and error to build a successful profitable eCommerce store. It is also important to note that you should choose wisely which DFY eCommerce service you are going for as the plans vary.

How BeUniqueness can help you?

BeUniqueness 7 figure in a box DFY eCommerce system is your ultimate solution to run your store and generate profits on autopilot. Along with the above-mentioned services, BeUniqueness 7 figure-in-a-box DFY eCommerce system offers you additional features such as ready-to-use a well-made funnel to accelerate conversion.

With our bonus features, we not just build an average-looking store for you but we aim to build a store that is trustworthy, credible, and one which people feel safe to buy from.

Check out how BeUniqueness 7 figures in a box DFY eCommerce system is the best option for your store’s success.