Buyer Persona

By Charlie Britten
02 Jun 2020
If you want to market your products or services, you must understand who you are trying to market them to. It doesn’t make sense to try to sell what you offer to anyone, as some people will be far more interested than others.
The best way to achieve this is by creating a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is a partly-fictional representation of what your typical customer would be like. There are certain characteristics that they are likely to have.

This can include lots of different things. It could be their age, their gender, or their income, for example.   

Apart from all these aspects, there is the crucial issue of what it is they want or need that you are able to provide. 

In some cases, these features are obvious, such as if you are trading in women’s fashion, or providing luxury goods aimed at people on high incomes. On other occasions it isn’t so obvious, and you will need to do some research to find out what your personas are really like. 

Once the buyer personas have been created, it is possible to put together a marketing campaign that targets them. That can include aiming articles and ads at the digital media your persona uses, such as social media. For example, using LinkedIn for professional services or targeting young women via Instagram

So far, so good. But over time, your personas are likely to change, and it is important to be able to make adjustments to this.
Sometimes that can happen quickly. A good example of this will be the buyer personas used by immigration law firms. Now the rules are set to change following Brexit, there may be many more cases involving people from the EU who will find it harder to come to Britain than was the case before. On the other hand, many skilled people from other parts of the world may find it is easier and be less likely to need legal help.  

Sometimes, change happens in a slower way and the best method of keeping up is for your firm to think of business as an infinite game. This means that unlike a normal game you have never won, because the game doesn’t end, while the rules and the players change over time. So too do your customers. 

Therefore, you need to look at how people are changing. For example, suppose your company sells food products. Changes in tastes such as an increase in vegetarianism show how consumers are shifting. This change in buyer persona means both your products and marketing must adapt. 
So, while understanding your buyer persona today is very important, it is also crucial to keep on researching it to understand how tastes and attitudes are changing, so you can ensure you carry on targeting the right people with your digital marketing way into the future. 

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