6 reasons to outsource your digital marketing

By Charlie Britten
29 Nov 2019

Digital marketing is something more and more firms are doing these days. But trying to do it in-house may not be the best way.

There is a widespread recognition these days that ‘traditional’ marketing does not work very well for a range of firms, particularly in the small and medium sector. This has prompted a growing recognition of the potential of digital methods to reach potential customers.

All that means less advertising in newspapers and on billboards, while content marketing, social media, pay-per-click and email marketing have now become the tools of choice.

A key question is; should an SME firm take on this task itself, or outsource it?

The answer has to be the latter, for five good reasons.

  • The availability of time
  • The benefits of specialised skills
  • Impartiality
  • Planning
  • Return on investment

1 - Time matters

The issue of time is paramount. To be able to plan, structure, carry out and revise a digital marketing strategy is not something that can be done quickly and easily. Quite apart from any other consideration, an effective digital marketing strategy takes a lot of time to put together and once it is up and running, it takes a lot to keep it on track.

If you try to take this on as well as your normal work, you could end up either spending too little time on one or the other - or even both, to the detriment of your whole enterprise.

2 - Highly required skills

Outsourcing a task is a no-brainer when it involves specialist skills. As well as allowing you time to get on with doing what you are best at, you can get the experts on the case. That means:

Getting skilled content writers to produce your copy

Expert digital marketers to plan your social media campaigns

SEO experts can monitor how well your content is ranking

Without genuine expertise, you can be left guessing what the right approach is, what keywords to use, when to send out social media posts and much else.

A successful digital strategy will use a wide range of skills, which includes the use of monitoring and analytics software to analyse how the plan is working out and where it needs to be changed.

3 - Cover different aspects

By bringing in someone from outside, you can get experts on board who can take an objective look at your marketing strategy, work out what you have been doing well, what you haven’t done so well and what you need to do next in order to achieve a greater return on investment.

There will always be a temptation for those attempting to carry out their marketing themselves to think they are doing it better than they are. It always helps to have someone else there to look at things from a different angle.

Add to that the fact that this extra observation will come from someone who has expertise and impartiality and you can be confident that problems you would not have spotted will be seen and solutions identified.

4 – Saving costs

The use of outside expertise can help save on cost, since the investment will involve getting digital marketers to set up the most effective marketing mix to deliver the best possible returns for your firm.

5 – Reports and data

By providing reports and data, the digital marketers you bring in will be able to find out not only what is working well in your marketing strategy and what is not, but will also have the knowledge and understanding to explain it to you in a simple way. This means you will get a clearer picture of what works well and what might need to change.  

6 - Return on investment

Of course, outsourcing digital marketing is not something you can do for free, but it’s like any other instance when you use outside expertise to improve your firm. The key is making sure the investment is worth it because of the extra value you will gain from it.

In this case, it really is a wise choice. If you try to do your digital marketing in-house without the time, technical expertise or knowledge of how to plan a coherent and successful strategy, you may save money upfront, but the likely result will be an ineffective use of digital marketing.

The wiser move is to invest in getting the experts to help you succeed.

How BeUniqueness can help

At BeUniqueness, we provide a full service to our clients. By doing this, we can bring together every aspect of your digital marketing, website and branding to ensure the opportunities for creating awareness of what you offer, generating leads and turning possible customers into actual ones are realised.

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