6 Ecommerce Secrets The Experts Aren't Willing To Share With You: Now Exposed

By Armash Kamal
27 Nov 2022

Despite the growth and massive opportunity in the eCommerce business, starting your own eCommerce store from the very scratch can be stressful and comes with many challenges. It is one of the reasons why many startups fail in the first few months and end up closing their doors.

If you avoid these 6 costly mistakes that keep you from building a profitable business, growth is inevitable and you will likely have a lucrative business within no time.

Build a prelaunch audience

The biggest mistake we do is to assume that it's best to market their store after the launch, however, it should not be the case. Building an audience before the launch is the best way to stay ahead of your competition, spread the word, and build awareness.

It can also help you stay in the spotlight, create hype, and generate buzz before you even launch your eCommerce store. If you do not know how to do it, these 10 ways how to build an audience before launch will help you. 

You can also leverage software like Hootsuite to increase your reach and influence on social media, hold social media contests, product giveaways, and email lead signups to make sure you have an audience on your opening day.

Let your customers do the talking 

The key is to cultivate an emotional connection with the audience and make them your biggest fans. Once you build yourself a strong brand, you’ll have a loyal audience that is more likely to spread the word and even recommend your products to their friends, becoming your brand ambassador.

Make sure you personalize your connection with them,it is easier for them to share your content and connect with your brand when they feel a connection. Mention your audience, and use social media calendars to build enthusiasm and positive word of mouth.

Focus on customer lifetime value.

A customer lifetime value (CLV) is the total amount of money a customer is expected to spend with your business in a lifetime. You need to make every sale count. Use effective marketing tactics such as email marketing to deliver the best customer experience and to follow up even after their first purchase.

When your CLV increases, your cost per conversion automatically lowers which results in helping you generate lasting sales results.

Leverage the power of remarketing

A customer who is already satisfied and convinced is likely to buy again and spend more from you in the future as they already trust you and your service. We spend a huge chunk of our budget and get too busy acquiring new clients that we forget the old ones, the ones who have a 60-70% chance of buying from us again.

You should come up with an effective retargeting marketing campaign and make sure your Facebook and Adworks campaigns target those who already visited your website for a stronger ROI.

Stay on top of your analytics

You should know how, where, and when your visitors are interacting with your store to understand your website’s overall performance and make the best possible decisions for it. E-commerce analytics offer powerful data-driven insights that measure all aspects of your business. 

Provide your customers with the most authentic and personalized shopping experience on your eCommerce website. Google Analytics has the most useful, robust, and free data that will help you create conversion goals to complete an action.

Don’t botch your dropshipping

Dropshipping is when you sent your products directly from a manufacturer to your customer. It comes with issues such as slow shipping times, no tracking number, and low-quality products that kill your store’s reputation and fails to live up to your brand promise.

What you could do is you could perform a quality check on your supplier’s product before you drop ship. For ease, you can engage a quality fulfillment operation that offers a trackable courier option to avoid lengthy delays and to know when their order will arrive.

Need help?

If you still feel stuck and want expert help in running your e-commerce store while eliminating these deadly mistakes that hurt your eCommerce store drastically, you can contact us today and we’ll help you figure things out.