Websites for Law Firms

Every law firm needs a good website - and we know how to create an outstanding one for your firm.

In a digital age, most legal firms will have their own websites, although a few very small practices will not. But having a website per se and having a site that adds value and helps generate leads and custom can be two different things.

A good legal website designer will help ensure your site has all the following elements:

  •          It is should look smart, professional and attractively designed
  •          It should be easy to navigate around
  •          It should help project your clear brand identity
  •          Pages should load up swiftly
  •          It should be mobile-friendly
  •          It should contain good content to help attract visitors
  •          It should have calls to action to encourage site visitors to take the next step

Why does your site need good optimisation?

The importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) for law firms cannot be underestimated.

The content you have on your website needs optimisation in the form of keywords, relevance, good backlinks and images to help your news and blog articles to gain a strong ranking on search engines. It can take several months of producing good content to achieve a page one ranking, which is important because few people look beyond the first page.

However, it is also important to take care of technical SEO. Often a site lets own its owners through problems like broken links, slow load-up times or the wrong codes (For example, HTTPS is secure while HTTP is not). Your search ranking can be badly affected by this and a poor user experience - especially slow load-up speeds - can put people off your site.

What can you do to encourage action?

Attracting people to your site is one thing; but you want to turn them into customers. A good way to move people along the buyer journey is to have ‘call to action’ buttons and links on your pages.

These do not just consist of opportunities to make an immediate buying decision, but also to signal potential interest. This could include:

  •          Signing up for a newsletter
  •          Adding their name to an email list
  •          Requesting a call back

By doing this, potential clients become ‘marketing qualified’ leads that you can follow-up in various ways, such as through email marketing campaigns.

How BeUniqueness can help

At BeUniqueness, we can help you get the best website for your law firm. Whether that involves setting up a whole new site or improving your existing one, we can help create for you a platform that will support your marketing strategy and enhance your accessibility and appeal to potential clients.