Twitter Advertising Agency UK

Twitter is a popular and powerful social media platform with a wide reach of users, both personal and commercial. This means it offers ample potential for effective advertising.

Twitter offers a different form of social media to the norm. Its brevity means messages must be short and sharp, with hyperlinks being particularly important of those positing on it want to draw attention to a longer and more detailed message.

Like other social media, Twitter offers its own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. Twitter Ads can be a great way of reaching your customers.

  •          Demographically, around 60% of these are male
  •          Globally, over 550 million people use Twitter

All this means there is a large online market you can target and it may be particularly useful if the buyer persona of the products or services you offer is male.

What kinds of Twitter advertising are there?

There are two kinds of Twitter advertising you can undertake:

  •          Automatic promotion of tweets
  •          A Twitter ads campaign

To get started, you first need your firm to have a Twitter handle. Simply go to and choose between the above two options.  

After this, you need to undertake the following steps:

  •          Select your country and time zone (choose carefully, because these cannot be changed at a future date)
  •          Fill in the campaign set up form for a Twitter ads campaign or, if you chose to promote tweets, Twitter promote mode set-up
  •          Add your billing details to complete the set-up and start your ads campaign

How does automatic promotion work?

The automatic promotion of your feeds sees your posts being put through a quality filter. If they make it through, they are then promoted to those people who match the target audience you are aiming at.

This means Twitter users who are in your target audience will be more likely to see your tweet when they log on, due to its prominent position and the fact they will not need to have already signed up to follow you.

What can a Twitter Ads campaign achieve?

There are different things a Twitter Ads campaign can achieve, depending on what you want to make your priority.

  •          Raising awareness of a particular tweet
  •          Increasing engagement
  •          Gaining new followers
  •          Driving traffic to your website - this being the prime aim if you run an E-commerce site

Like other pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you would bid a price for each interaction. Also, you would set a daily budget to cap your spending, in order that you don’t end up spending far too much due to getting more responses than you might have expected. There is no minimum spend limit.

While you would have several different tweets in your campaign, you should avoid the # or @ symbols in other tweets, as this would prompt people to click away from the ad. This also means you are not relaying on any linked content to help spread your message, so your tweet will need to be very concise and to the point.

Ultimately, you want to base your tweets on a strategy designed to translate into the greatest level of custom for your firm. That is why it is wise to discuss with experience digital marketers how best you might go about this.

What can BeUniqueness can do for you?

Beuniqueness can offer years of experience of using social media in marketing, including PPC advertising. We can help you choose whether Twitter offers you the best advertising platform, as well as helping you combine your advertising with other digital marketing tools to find the most effective combination for your firm.