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Sporting Marketing

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Digital Marketing Agency for Sporting Goods E-commerce

Do you own an online store for sporting goods and struggling to increase your revenue? A tailored marketing strategy can help you sell sporting goods online and make your unique selling points (USPs) stand out from the rest.

BeUniqueness is a digital marketing and corporate branding company for UK E-commerce businesses. We offer a wide range of top digital marketing services to clients across the UK.

What Can You Do To Bring Your USP To Life?

Your unique selling point is a key part of your story. It is all about what you do and why, not just what you sell.

Every firm has one of these:

  •          You may be the sole supplier of a particular product in your area
  •          You might do a special offer deal nobody else matches
  •          You could make a particular ethical commitment to overseas goods producers
  •          You might have direct links to a sporting charity

Whatever it is, you need a marketing strategy that brings it to life, ensures your potential customers are aware of it and helps turn their interest into real custom.

What we can offer will be extremely useful in helping you identify the ‘buyer persona’ to which your efforts will need to be directed, ensuring you are focused on the right target people with an effective marketing strategy.

What does a buyer persona look like?

buyer persona is an archetype that represents the common characteristics your customer is likely to have. These fall into different categories:

  •          Demographic aspects like age, sex, gender and ethnicity
  •          Situations like income, profession and marital status
  •          Most importantly, their likes, dislikes, problems and desires

Which Digital Marketing Services Would Be Best For Sporting Goods E-Commerce?

Once the persona is in place, there are various services that can be used very effectively to target it.

  • Content marketing - Content marketing is a highly effective way of raising awareness of what you do and truly engaging sports fans; exciting, interesting copy based around a great story can generate real interest.
  •          Social media marketing - You can target the social media sites the persona tends to use most, helping bring in more potential customers
  •          PPC and email marketing can aim at specific groups of people to gain and nurture leads
  •          Call tracking - You can enhance your e-commerce strategy by using the latest analytics software to find out which ads, keywords and campaigns work most effectively, both online and on the phone.
  •          Web survey - To be successful in e-commerce you need a great website. A survey van help you find out how customers feel about your site and our firm, giving you great insights to help you fine-tune your online services.
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