Why E-commerce travel firms need a carefully targeted marketing strategy

Travel and tourism is a very broad market, so it is important to be very clear about how you set up your marketing strategies.

Travel has been one of the key growth sectors for E-commerce, with the convenience, the ability to plan, the access to a large amount of information and the benefit of being able to provide remote images of places that are far off to start with all playing their part.

E-commerce firm also have the advantage that travel and tourism is not a new industry; it is not hard to work out the personas of different kinds of travelers, from the young ‘gap year’ tourist who wants to backpack around the Far East to the older couple who enjoy leisurely cruises.

Nonetheless, the sector is a competitive one and, as examples like Thomas Cook have shown, even big firms can lose their way with catastrophic results.

Why your digital marketing strategy may vary

This is why you need a strong digital marketing strategy to ensure your travel firm is continuing to raise awareness of your destinations and connect with your target market or markets. This might happen in different ways.

  •          You may want to highlight emerging new ‘off the beaten track’ destinations 
  •          Your priority could be to focus on the enduring appeal of popular destinations
  •          Marketing might need to reflect emerging new kinds of holiday, such as eco-tourism
  •          You might have different target markets for different sorts of holiday, or focus on just one area

The key is to find the best combination of tools to ensure that you are able to provide a compelling digital marketing mix that helps raise awareness of what you offer and turn leads into customers.



What digital marketing services would be best for an E-commerce travel firm?

The following tools could all play an important part in helping you market successfully online:

         Content Marketing - This can tell a great story, both about your firm and its values, as well as raising awareness of holiday options many people would not normally think of
         Social media management - Social media is a great platform to show off wonderful scenery, fantastic hotels, people having fun and other great visual props. We can help you maximiseselling the potential of these platforms.     
         PPC - Paid ads that appear on search engines are a perfect way to capture those looking for a special deal like a last-minute getaway or a dream cruise.
         Call tracking - Want to know what ads, keywords and campaigns work best for your travel firm over the phone and on the web? Using state-of-the art analytics software you can find the answers you need  
         Web survey - Want you travel website to be the best, making planning a trip a joy for consumers? Use a web survey to find out what customers think about your site and firm so you can fine tune it.

Ultimately, the key is to ensure that there is a strategy for every target market you serve, whether that is just one or several.

How can BeUniqueness help you?

With our extensive marketing expertise, we know that every firm is different and so are their clients. That is why we don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but rather offer you the opportunity to tailor your strategy to ensure you are able to go on attracting customers and enjoying a great marketing return on investment.