Tax Solicitors

Tax Solicitors

How can tax law firms turn new customers into happy advocates for their services?

Tax law firms may have many happy customers who have been saved plenty of money. This provides a great new marketing opportunity for your firm via your social media channels.

A good tax law firm will never be short of happy customers. By helping people reduce their tax bills, you will have some people laughing all the way to the bank.

However, while this means satisfied customers will be happy to come back to you, good service should not just result in retention. It also creates an exceptional opportunity to generate new custom.

Why is your social media a great way to build up great PR?

The reason for this is that people tend not to stay quiet about the service they have had. People are quick to tell their friends or broadcast on social media their experiences of customer service, be it good or bad.

All that should be good news for you, but why leave things to chance? Your digital marketing strategy should include encouraging your happy customers to become more active advocates for your brand and services.

Good social media is one of the most effective means of spreading this message and generating good PR for law firms.

  • While your customers might take to their own pages to sing your praises, having your own presence means they can also come on yours to do the same.
  • By having a social media presence you can give them something to attach a link to.
  • You can help start a discussion and raise more awareness

What can you do to make the most of social media interaction?

The interactive nature of social media means you can keep on encouraging this. If you post regularly about your services, it will get a response from many of your customers. Readers who happen upon something a friend has written about you on your web page will be more inclined to trust it than any advertising you provide yourself.

All this means:

  • Your happy customers become your best marketing asset
  • An online platform adds to the ways they can recommend you
  • You can also pick up constructive feedback and help tackle any problems that arise.

The last of these is very important. It proves that your communication with clients is good and you can act fast to resolve a difficult issue; this gives people more reasons to trust you.

What solutions do we recommend for tax solicitors?

  •          Social media management - this will create a great platform for interaction with your customers and a chance for those happy with their service to tell the world about it
  •          Content marketing - Blogs written for you can outline how you have been successful in solving your clients’ problems
  •          Branding - These can help build up your brand personality as the reliable provider of the best solutions for your customers
  •          Review collection - This can be used to collect and publish positive reviews about your business 

How we can help

At BeUniqueness, we can help you devise social media marketing strategies to increase awareness, provide more leads and create a platform for satisfied customers to recommend your services. By doing this, you can enjoy the benefits of a raised profile, generating a significant return on investment.