Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

How your unique selling points can help you sell sporting goods

Sporting goods are one of the most popular categories in e-commerce, which means there are great opportunities for firms to thrive, but also a lot of competition that make doing so difficult. For this reason, your firm needs to stand out from the rest.

Sports goods stores are everywhere. Whether its big retailers on the high streets to e-commerce retailers online, the opportunities abound for people to buy everything from bicycle helmets to cricket balls.   

Because sports goods are so popular, it may seem easy to go out and sell them. However, because there are a lot of retailers in the sector, it is not that simple. Competition is strong and a firm that does not manage to establish a strong profile and identity could easily be squeezed out of the market.

For that reason, making your sporting e-commerce firm stand out should be a top priority. Any SME will find traditional marketing to be highly ineffective, so that is not the answer. However, since you are already operating online, it makes complete sense to have an extensive digital marketing strategy.

This can be particularly powerful, especially if it helps bring out your firm’s most outstanding and unique characteristics.

Indeed, your marketing should ultimately serve to do more than just list what you are selling; it should tell a story about your firm and give people something bigger and more exciting to buy into.

What can you do to bring your USP to life?

Your unique selling point is a key part of your story. It is all about what you do and why, not just what you sell.

Every firm has one of these:

  •          You may be the sole supplier of a particular product in your area
  •          You might do a special offer deal nobody else matches
  •          You could make a particular ethical commitment to overseas goods producers
  •          You might have direct links to a sporting charity

Whatever it is, you need a marketing strategy that brings it to life, ensures your potential customers are aware of it and helps turn their interest into real custom.



What do we recommend to turn a great story into a great return on investment?

  •          Content marketing - Content marketing is a highly effective way of raising awareness of what you do and truly engaging sports fans; exciting, interesting copy based around a great story can generate real interest.
  •          Social media marketing - From football to boxing, cricket to tennis, sports fans love to interact on social media, so this provides a great base to tell a story, start a conversation, interact with them and build up interest in what you have to offer.
  •          PPC advertising - This is a great way of targeting people looking for sporting goods as it will match their web searches and give you more great leads than a prolific goalscorer.
  •          Web survey - Do you have a great sports goods website? See if your customers agree
  •          Call tracking - find out what ads, campaigns and keywords are most effective in generating a return for your sporting goods ecommerce store investment over the phone and online
  •          E-Commerce influencers - We can find top sporting influencers for you who will help promote your products

By using these tools, you can raise awareness, get leads and engage potential customers with a compelling story in a way your competitors will struggle to match.

How BeUniqueness can help

At BeUniqueness, we can use our extensive marketing experience to help emphasise your USP. We can help you work out the marketing mix that is best suited for your firm and its target market, as well as helping with everything from branding to website design.

By doing this, we can help you stand out from the crowd and enjoy a great marketing return on investment.