How can social media help a solicitor's practice highlight its USP?

Many legal practices have a unique selling point (USP), but potential clients will only know about it if their marketing strategy is designed in a way that will highlight this. Social media can offer an answer.

Your solicitors’ practice may have a wonderful USP. It could be that you offer something very different to your rivals, such as the facility to meet clients at unusual times of day for their convenience. It might be you are the best in your local area at the kind of law you practice. Your firm might have an extraordinary back story or be involved with raising funds for a good cause.

Whatever it is, your USP could be a key selling point. It will appeal to the needs and desires of potential clients, or simply engage people with your story so they become more interested in what you do. By using social media marketing, you can make this a key means of promoting your firm.

A great way to use social media is to tell a story, especially if yours contains something particularly special or compelling. This could come in the form of a law marketing blog or posts with links to blogs (the latter being what you would do on a word-restricted platform like Twitter), as well as ads and videos. Indeed, there is much research to show that using video can be the most effective way of securing engagements can be the most effective way of securing engagements, particularly on Facebook.


Your choice of social media platform will depend on who your target market is. Your marketing strategy will need to include a buyer persona - a representation of your typical customer and their characteristics - and one of the factors involved in devising this will be the kind of social media they will use.

For example, a professional client who uses business-related legal services may best be reached via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Services we would recommend for you

  •          Social media management - a well planned and executed strategy for your social media can help you make the most of its marketing potential
  •          Video content - this is very popular on social media
  •          Content marketing - good organic content such as news and blogs can help boost your SEO ranking across the web, including on social media. This also helps attract more people to visit your site.
  •          PPC can be a very effective way of gaining leads via social media

Social media marketing should begin by raising awareness about your firm and its services, before taking people through the consideration stage through to them finally making the decision to engage with your services. This means that whatever the story is about your USP, you will need a campaign that follows up initial posts with further content that continues to entice and interest your audience.

How BeUniqueness can help

At BeUniqueness we know that everyone has a story to tell and something unique they can bring out. This is why we can offer a tailored marketing strategy including social media and much more to help make your USP a great marketing asset that will bring you more clients.