Return On Investment

How can a flexible approach to digital marketing maximise ROI?

Digital marketing is an important tool in 21st century communication, taking advantage of the opportunities created by the internet age to reach the same target audience in several different ways.

Surveys have shown that traditional marketing has not worked well for SMEs, but the use of digital marketing in its place is not a simple substitute marketing strategy.

The very fact that digital marketing exists in different forms - including content marketing, social media marketing, PPC and email marketing - means there are opportunities to use different tools to reach target audiences.

However, that does not mean all should be used at once. That would mean using a larger marketing budget and potentially duplicating some contacts, which would reduce the return on investment (ROI).



That’s why we offer our clients the opportunity to take a more flexible approach. This means that for one client, PPC might be a very effective way of meeting the target market. Another might get a better response from email marketing. The use of SEO can be very effective, but the kind of content they should publish may vary.

Services we recommend to help boost your return on investment 

  •          PPC is effective for getting leads swiftly
  •          Alternatively, organic content helps build up more awareness in the longer run
  •          Using Google Analytics is a great way to monitor how much ROI you are getting

It is unlikely you would use all these together, but any one of them (or a combination of a couple) could make a major positive difference.

Part of how this is determined will be through the establishment of a buyer persona - an archetypal reflection of the sort of person the marketing is designed to target. This may include all sorts of characteristics, such as age, profession, gender, lifestyle, beliefs and much more. That will provide insights into how best to target them.

In addition, a flexible service can be adjusted over time. This can happen because the buyer persona changes in some way - such as changes in the way a certain demographic uses social media - or because one aspect of the flexible strategy is less effective than hoped. Often, these two things may change together.

How can we help?

At BeUniqueness, we are a one-stop shop, but we don’t have a one-size-fits all approach. As our name suggests, we believe there is something unique about every firm. That means it has its own unique selling point. It makes sense, therefore, to be flexible with digital marketing to develop strategies that can ensure every client is able to direct their marketing budget into the right areas and secure a better ROI as a result.