How can a digital marketing strategy help your patent law firm get ahead of the rest?

Patent law is, by definition, working at the cutting edge of new inventions or innovations, which is all the more reason for your marketing strategy to follow suit.

New inventions and innovations may get plenty of attention, but patent law firms less so. If your firm is struggling to make an impact with its marketing strategy, a new solution could make a huge positive difference.



Why digital marketing offers a better option

Ditching traditional marketing for a digital marketing strategy is not a completely new invention, but many firms have yet to appreciate just how much impact it can have. By being coherent, multifaceted, aimed more closely at your target market and adaptable to the different stages of the buyer journey, it can have far more effect than ads in newspapers or on billboards.

The first thing a smart digital strategy will do is identify the kind of customer you are looking for. A buyer persona can be established as a representation of the typical characteristics of those in your target market. This will include elements like age, gender, income, values and attitudes and much else.

What different types of digital marketing can achieve

After this is established, the persona can be targeted through a mix of different digital means. Content marketing offers a great way of creating awareness. By using keywords and search engine optimisation (SEO) for law firms to get it on the first search rankings page, this can help raise awareness of your services, the first crucial stage of the buyer journey.

Interesting and engaging content will keep readers coming back for more, helping them move through the consideration phase to the point where they decide to make a purchase.

This kind of content is known as ‘organic’ and can also feature on social media, where a stronger presence can help you potentially reach millions of people.

More direct digital routes include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, where you can buy high rankings on search engines or social media and thus appear prominently sooner, or email marketing campaigns.

These different elements can be combined in some campaigns, or an ongoing campaign can switch from one method to another when appropriate. For example, you may use PPC early on, but then rely on organic SEO content when this is more established.

How BeUniqueness can make a difference

BeUniqueness has a wealth of expertise in devising and executing digital marketing campaigns. By working with you to draw up the right strategy for you, we can help raise your profile, bring in more leads and produce a far better return on your marketing investment.