Micro/Independent Enterprises

Micro/Independent Enterprises


How can email marketing help niche solicitors reach their target audience?

For solicitors working in niche areas, the market may be small but specific - and that requires a very concise marketing campaign.

A common problem for a marketing campaign is that it does not correctly target the people it needs to. All too often resources can be wasted on content, adverts or emails that go to people who are unlikely to fit the right criteria or be interested in what you have to offer.

Why will an email marketing campaign make a difference?

This can certainly be true with an email marketing campaign. If a large amount of guesswork is used, or a lack of filters applied, there will be a lot of emails being sent that won’t get a reply.

That is why a well-structured, targeted email marketing strategy can make a difference. It will achieve the following:

  • It will divide people into groups and segments, so the right email goes to the right     customers.
  • It will keep track of responses, so you don’t keep sending emails to those who never respond.
  • It will consist of different emails for various stages of the buyer journey.

The buyer journey begins with awareness, which other activities like content marketing content marketing are best at generating. Once someone has clicked on a call-to-action or provided their details in another way, they become a lead and their awareness can be steered through the consideration phase with well-worded and attractive emails.

Finally, the aim is to turn the potential customer into an actual one, so that they make a purchase of your services.

What should you know about your customers?

To do this, of course, you need to know your customers. The best way to do this is through research to build up a buyer persona, an archetype of the characteristics of your target base.

This can include various elements:

  • Demographics like age, sex and family situation
  • Profession and income
  • Particular needs and wants

When someone fits this persona closely, they are a better candidate for targeted marketing such as an email campaign, which will highlight how you can resolve their issues.

Email campaigns can also be very effective as a means of following up existing or previous customers to seek further custom. Because you know what services they have used and more details about them, they can be sent even more focused email messages.

What other services could help you?

  •          Content marketing can help a very small firm gain a large level of awareness
  •          Pay-per-click can generate plenty of leads with a well-controlled budget

How can we help?

At BeUniqueness, we use the latest tools to help organise email campaigns on various scales. This means we can help you create a campaign that suits your area of law by targeting your emails at exactly the kind of clients you want to attract.