Merger and Acquisition

Merger and Acquisition

How can a better digital marketing strategy help M&A law firms gain more clients?

M&A law is a competitive business and smaller legal firms may find it hard to make a lot of progress in a sector dominated by large firms. But a strong digital marketing strategy can make a major difference.

The M&A sector is a diverse area. Major deals that involve takeovers and amalgamations involving big legal outfits are big news, so it is no surprise that there is plenty of free PR for law firms handling such large-scale transactions.

However, at the same time there will be many far smaller M&A transactions taking place that don’t make any headlines or attract political comment but are still of great importance to all those with a stake in the process.

What effect has Brexit had?

Brexit has led to a fall in the number of international deals taking place involving UK firms, Making competition tougher. How can your firm grab a larger slice of the market before your competitors do?

A strong digital marketing strategy is a great way to achieve this, by appealing to more clients, raising awareness of your services and developing new ways of turning potential clients into actual ones.

Why is a buyer persona important?

Every successful marketing strategy has a buyer persona - an archetype of the customer to which a campaign is aimed.

  • This can include all kinds of demographic data such as age, sex, profession and so on.
  • In the case of M&A law, this should also incorporate the type of companies that should be targeted.

  • This can be drawn up by looking at the sectors where a lot of M&A activity is taking place, or other factors such as country of origin, where overseas investors may be looking to buy into UK firms.

Well-directed content marketing should be aimed at these areas, with things like M&A news or a law marketing blog providing authoritative comment and analysis of events.

  • These should be designed to raise awareness of your services and then gradually influence the readers to engage with more content until they decide to buy your services.
  • Under the ‘rule of seven’, well known to marketers, a potential customer needs to engage with a marketing message an average of seven times before they will commit to making a purchase.
  • This means your aim must be to provide compelling content that will keep them coming back for more and entice them to engage with your website and social media.

How can BeUniqueness help you thrive? 

At BeUniqueness, we can help you draw up a comprehensive marketing strategy to help you establish just who to target and how to attract potential clients. In doing so, we can help you to secure better returns on investment and an increased market share.