Medium Enterprises

Medium Enterprises

How can combining good content with SEO boost the fortunes of a medium-sized law firm?

Medium-sized law firms planning to expand a bit more will need good marketing solutions to facilitate growth - which is where good content and SEO can make a major difference.

In recent years SME law firms have discovered to their cost that traditional forms of marketing don’t work. The money spent has failed to deliver much return on investment - or many new customers.

This is where content marketing comes in. Producing news, blogs and thought leadership pieces that can be found online has the potential to raise your profile and help make people aware of your services - the crucial first step in the buyer journey.

Why does optimisation matter?

However, every legal blog writer will know the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) for law firms.

  • This is the process by which an article is equipped with elements such as keywords, links, images and videos to help make it more likely for readers to find it.
  • Relevant keywords are central to any article.
  • They can consist of single words and short phrases, which are known as ‘short-tail keywords’, or longer, more detailed phrases known as ‘long-tail keywords’.
  • In either case the aim is to include in the text keywords that will match up with what someone is looking for when they enter terms in a search engine.

Crucially, your content should make the first page of the search rankings, as research has shown most people do not look beyond the first page.


How to boost optimisation

While keywords are very important, search engines like Google have complex logarithms that consider a range of factors when ranking content. The full list is a secret, but it is known that relevance and reliability, good backlinks, relevant images and videos are all included.

These extra factors were introduced to search engines to end the practice where content producers could gain higher rankings through popular search terms that lacked relevance to the subject matter of the articles themselves.

However, optimising your content is not just about what you put on the screen. It is also important to take care of the technical SEO. If your content or website is subject to problems like broken links, poor security or slow load-up speed, it will be penalised in the rankings. Therefore, it is important to have technical expertise in place to look after this.

What sort of services would help you best?

There are several services we can provide that would enable you to enjoy better optimisation.

  • Website analysis can help identify any shortcomings in your technical SEO, so these can be corrected.  
  • PPC marketing will use paid-for space as well as optimisation to generate leads swiftly

What we can do to make a difference

At BeUniqueness, we understand the importance of ensuring you have good and optimised content. We can help devise a focused marketing strategy that makes full use of SEO to help ensure your content reaches is target audience and is relevant to their needs.