Legal Malpractice or Professional

Legal Malpractice or Professional

How can legal malpractice and professional solicitors provide better content?

Producing high quality content is not easy, which is why engaging the services of skilled partners can help make a great difference to the quality of what appears on your website.

Solicitors serving the professional and legal malpractice field will be dealing with a very niche area, which means the kind of content that may be produced is not likely to be as widely read as some kinds of legal content marketing.

For this reason, what is written will need to be skilfully crafted, authoritative, have the right tone and be very well optimised. Indeed, search engine optimisation, or SEO, is crucial to the visibility of your content and the success of your marketing strategy.

There is certainly no reason to produce less content than other legal sectors. Indeed, the more good quality content you can produce the better.

This is partly because it means you can offer plenty of blogs and news on the various elements of your work, but also because a greater amount of optimised, high quality content will help you increase your search engine ranking.

Your ultimate aim should be to have your content appearing on the first page of the Google rankings within six months. To achieve this, you need to have the right keywords in place so they match the terms people are searching for. But keywords alone are not enough; if other elements of your content fall short, they can be penalised by search engines.

Being authoritative may sound a subjective concept, but much will depend on factors such as the bounce rate: if readers swiftly leave the page because the quality is poor or irrelevant, you can be penalised for this. Your content should also include some good backlinks, which will connect to sources with high authority; a good way to judge this is to see how many views these links have got themselves.

Getting a high ranking is not an end itself but a means to an end. Getting your content seen can raise awareness of your firm and its services. But only good quality will help keep people coming back to read more.

This is important because of the Rule of Seven, which is well-known to marketers. This notes that the average person needs to encounter a marketing message seven times before they make a purchasing decision.

For that reason, your content needs to stay attractive, engaging, interesting and help steer people towards becoming your clients.

How we can help

At BeUniqueness, we have extensive experience in producing high quality content with good SEO for law firms to achieve a high ranking and help attract readers. With our help, we can ensure your own blogs, news and other content help to raise awareness of your services and drive more traffic to your site.