Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

How can intellectual property solicitors benefit from using multiple social media platforms?

Intellectual property solicitors may use some social media. But it is by using multiple platforms that you can gain a real advantage over your competitors.

Most practices will agree it is a good idea to have lawyers online and establishing a website and social media presence is an excellent start.

However, the problem with that is most of your competitors will have done likewise. These measures alone may do little or nothing to give you any marketing advantage over them. Moreover, if you only use one social media platform, you may be restricting their ability to reach potential customers.

Why do different target audiences require different platforms?

That’s why a well-crafted digital marketing strategy can generate great success by using more than one social media platform. This will enable you to reach more potential customers, as well as communicating through different forms of media and message.

As with any marketing campaign, it is important to develop a buyer persona, an archetype reflecting the characteristics of your target market. This may feature various demographic features.

Examples of this could include:

  •            Age
  •            Gender
  •            Income / profession
  •            Interests
  •            Family situation

While intellectual property is a broad area and the demographics are diverse, specific campaigns will focus on a narrower persona. For instance, a focus on certain styles of music would target mostly younger people from minority ethnic backgrounds living in cities. This should be aligned with the social media platforms they will tend to use most.

What are the advantages of using multiple platforms?

Although your campaigns may exclude some platforms, the reality is most people use more than one social media platform - with Facebook and YouTube leading the way. This is another reason targeting more than one site raises your chances of reaching potential customers and increases the number of times they may see your marketing messages.

Research has shown the average person needs to see with a message seven times before they commit to a purchase, so the more social media engagements they get, the better.

A great advantage of using different platforms is the capacity to deliver your messages in different ways.

  •  YouTube is ideal for video
  •             Instagram has a major focus on still visual images
  •            Twitter suits messages that are brief and to the point.

Depending on the persona, some may be more useful than others. But by having different platforms available, you can apply great flexibility in your strategy between different campaigns. This will give you a clear advantage over rivals who just rely on one or two platforms.

How can BeUniqueness help?

At BeUniqueness, we have great experience in developing social media campaigns using a range of platforms. With our help, you can establish a strategy that will make the most of the best platforms for every campaign your firm undertakes.