Insurance Agents and Brokers

Insurance Agents and Brokers

Insurance agents and brokers can benefit from a powerful content strategy in a range of different ways.

Insurance agents and brokers come in many sizes, but for small and medium firms getting the marketing message out can be tricky.

Not only are traditional forms of advertising largely ineffective for smaller firms, but the process of raising awareness is often neglected by firms who do not have a well-known brand name on which to trade. This can lead to efforts to grow a customer base falling flat.

Why does content marketing make a difference?

This is where a strong content marketing strategy can make a difference. With a regular output of news, blogs and other content, your firm can become known in a range of different ways:

  •          Content can help tell your company’s story: Not one of mere facts and figures, but of what you do and why, connecting people with the human side of your firm
  •          By editorialising more than advertising, your blogs can help establish you as being knowledgeable and authoritative, generating reasons for potential customers to trust you with their financial affairs.
  •          Optimised content can make its way to the top of the Google search rankings in around six months, meaning those using common search terms are likely to see your content.

The last of these elements is crucial. Very few people using search engines look beyond the first page, so good search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital to get your content as high up as possible.

Optimisation requires expert skills, so it is important to have a skilled content writer producing your work. The following are examples of how content can gain a high ranking with good SEO.

  •          The use of relevant keywords in an appropriate manner
  •          Authoritative, relevant, high quality content
  •          The use of video and top-quality pictures 
  •          Longer content tends to gain a higher ranking
  •          Embedding good backlinks to authoritative content written elsewhere

What is so important about technical SEO?

However, a good digital marketing strategy needs to be backed up by technical SEO, so it can be very important to make sure our website is in good shape as well.

The following problems can all have a negative effect on your ranking and undermine all the good work that has gone into producing excellent content:

  •          Slow page load-ups
  •          Poor security (such as having HTTP rather than HTTPS)
  •          Bad or broken backlinks
  •          Poor mobile website performance
  •          Messy URLs
  •          Poor site navigation

By having your site assessed and improved, you can ensure these impediments are removed and you can gain the benefits of good SEO in your content.

What services would we recommend for you?

We would recommend the following services for an insurance broker to provide an effective marketing mix:

  •          Content marketing to build up awareness of how effective insurance brokerage services can make a positive difference to the quality of deals people get
  •          Social media management to help you engage more effectively with potential clients who may be seeking insurance policies
  •          Website development - make sure your site offers the best user experience for visitors to ensure they stay on it and look at the insurance services you can offer
  •          Brand essence - we will help you develop a brand that stands out from other insurance brokers
  •          SEO to help your content get seen easily by people seeking insurance services

What can BeUniqueness do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we have many years of expertise in helping devise effective content strategies. We can help you draw up the right combination that will use organic content alongside other digital tools to maximise your return on investment and enjoy the fruits of a successful marketing campaign.