Household Items

Household Items

Understanding target markets is important for every part of the E-commerce sector, but this may be particularly true when it comes to household items.

Many things can be classed as household items, be they large white goods like furniture, washing machines and fridges, or smaller, simple things like cutlery and bins. But for e-commerce firms, the target market ‘persona’ is likely to be similar.

The first thing to recognise is that people who shop online instead of in person do so either to free up time or because they have little spare time to begin with. Alongside that is the fact that most household goods are necessities rather than luxuries. That means the customer will buy a particular type of item; the question is whether it will be from you or someone else.

Why your focus should be on solving the needs of busy people

For this reason, any marketing strategy must aim to position a firm as the definitive supplier of the solution to a problem. You must recognise that the 'buyer persona' of the target market will be a busy householder, who has little time to shop but a need for goods. However, at the same time there will be some variations in the circumstances of these customers:

  •         That could be they have just moved home and need several items
  •         They might want to replace something old and worn, but are not in a huge hurry
  •          They might need to replace something very urgently 

Indeed, your marketing strategy should always take into account that while some people might think about a purchase for some time before committing - such as purchasing a new sofa - others might have to move very fast in an emergency, such as when a washing machine has broken beyond repair.

In either case, a good marketing strategy tells a great story about a firm that is dedicated to making life easier for people at times of need. There are various tools that can be used in such a marketing strategy, but they must be used in the correct way.



Which digital marketing services would be best for household item retailers?

        Content marketing - Content marketing - the use of news and blogs that use search engine optimisation such as keywords can be very effective. This is because it can provide lots of awareness of what a firm can offer to customers ahead of an impending purchasing decision.
         PPC - This is particularly useful in gaining marketing leads and its prominence on search engines and social media pages provides great visibility. Leads can be followed up online to help move people on from the ‘awareness’ stage through the ‘consideration’ stage, then finally onto a purchase. It may also spur action from those needing to make a swift purchase.
         Email marketing - Leads can also be followed up by emails. These can be tailored for the stage of the buyer journey people are at.
         SMS marketing - promote your household items business through sending customers notifications, reminders and more
         Web survey - find out what your customers think of your household retail firm website and business
         E-commerce influencers - We can find influencers for you who cover the area of household goods and will help promote your products

How can BeUniqueness help you?

Every firm needs a clear marketing strategy that helps meet the needs of its target market. With years of marketing expertise, BeUniqueness can help understand your target market and tailor a plan that suits both you and your customers.