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Financial Advisors

How PPC and email marketing can help financial advisors convert leads

With so many financial advisors out there, finding leads and turning them into customers is not easy. But with the right marketing tools you can put yourself ahead of the competition.

For financial advisors in the SME category, obtaining new custom is a challenge. Without your own marketing department and with limited funds, your resources will be limited, while there is lots of competition: According to government figures, at the start of 2019 there were almost 91,000 SMEs operating in the UK financial sector.

All this is a good reason to outsource your digital marketing, with many solutions on offer that can make a major difference to you.

What can help you get more leads?

Among these are Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and email marketing.

Pay-per-click is a very effective way of doing all the following:

  •          Getting you on page 1 of the google search rankings swiftly by bidding for position
  •          Gaining leads when people click on the ads
  •          Helping you control your costs because you only pay when people click on the ads
  •          Keeping costs down because you can place limits on your daily or weekly budget

Email marketing can be a very effective way of following up these leads in various ways.

  •          You can send different kind of emails based on the responses leads have given
  •          You can also send further emails as people move along the buyer journey
  •          It is possible to segment people into different categories so emails can be sent in bulk
  •          You can invite people to respond by giving you further details in order to provide you with more useful information about them - helping you tailor further marketing efforts

Using these means of gaining leads and then following them up, you will have greatly enhanced awareness, bring some potential customers to your website and then be able to follow up their interest in a way that could help persuade them to take that decisive step of signing up for your services.

How can you find the right people to market to?

Before you can do any of this effectively, however, you need to establish a buyer persona of your target market. This is an archetype of the kind of person you are looking to sell your services to, based on a range of characteristics, as well as needs that you can meet.

Elements of a persona would include the following:

  •          Demographics (age, gender, profession)
  •          Specific date (financial situation, family situation)
  •          The need that you can resolve (such as tax or estate planning)

Once you have the persona in place, all your marketing can be focused very specifically on their needs and how your firm can be the exclusive provider of the solutions they are looking for.

In addition, your marketing can be aimed at the kind of channels they are likely to use. For instance, if the target demographic is largely male and professional, LinkedIn will be a good social media option.  

Services we would recommend for you

         Content marketing: Organic content in blog and news articles, written using the best SEO practices, helps create awareness of your firm and its services.
         PPC: This is a very effective way of getting leads quickly and is also cost-efficient because you only pay when someone clicks on an ad
         Email marketing: This offers a means by which you can follow up leads with different emails depending on where they are at in the buyer journey
         Website marketing: By giving your website a full check over, problems that can put off potential leads when they visit can be addressed

How can BeUniqueness help you to grow?

BeUniqueness can offer a wide range of experience and knowledge of digital marketing and the potential different tools offer. This means we can help you devise the kind of plan that will work best for your firm. This will help you gain leads and increase your chances of turning them into customers and thus enjoying a strong return on investment.