Finance and Security Solicitors

Finance and Security Solicitors

How can understanding your buyer personas help finance and security solicitors?

Finance and security solicitors can benefit enormously from a good legal content marketing strategy, but first they must know their customer base well.

Like many other lawyers, finance and security solicitors may find attempts to market themselves often run into barriers. One of the most notable is a lack of understanding of their customer base and how to market to it.

Of all the data that can be gathered through market research, perhaps the most useful is that which identifies certain common characteristics that make someone a likely customer for certain products or services.

This information can be used to create what marketers call a ‘buyer persona’. This is an archetypal customer, based on the features they are most likely to display.

A buyer persona may include many elements:

  •      Age
  •      Sex
  •      Profession
  •      Ethnicity
  •      Values and interests
  •      Family situation
  •      Their online consumption habits (especially which social media sites they use)

These are just some of the aspects that may make up a buyer persona. The key is to establish which of these are pertinent to your potential customers.

Once the persona has been established, a digital marketing strategy can be devised that is relevant to them. An obvious case in point for clients of finance and security solicitors is that the persona is likely to:

  •      Have a substantial income
  •      Be over 30 and looking at planning for their long-term future
  •      Have children they would like to assist financially
  •      A professional career
  •      Use LinkedIn

These elements of a persona would form the basis of a digital marketing campaign. It would mean focusing on the problems - such as someone’s concern that they may not be able to sustain their lifestyle in years ahead - and relate to it the solutions. Social media strategies would target LinkedIn and avoid sites used mainly by younger people, such as Snapchat or Instagram.

By focusing both on the needs and desires of the buyer persona on the one hand and the best ways of reaching them on the other, a marketing campaign can be tailored to ensure your target market is reached and your services matched to their needs.

How we can help

At BeUniqueness, we understand the importance of buyer personas to any digital marketing campaign. In offering tailored packages that fit the needs of each of our clients, we can help finance and security solicitors’ firms like yours devise and execute an effective strategy to reach more of your target market, helping you grow and increasing your marketing return on investment.