Employment and Labour Solicitors

Employment and Labour Solicitors

How can knowing your buyer persona help employment lawyers? 

In order to be successful in marketing your services, you need a buyer persona to target. 

Employment lawyers will serve a wide array of people, since the number of people in the UK in work is now approaching 33 million and of these, around 28 million of whom are employed by someone else. Many people will have more than one employer.

That means it could be very easy for a marketing campaign to lack the necessary focus to have much impact.

What is a buyer persona?  

Despite the diversity of the workforce, employment lawyers will know there are bound to be some people who are more likely to need legal help than others in the workplace. Examples of this might include:

  •           Those who are not in trade unions and therefore need someone else to represent them
  •           People in sectors currently suffering numerous redundancies
  •           Minimum wage earners
  •           Workers in industries with a track record of poor employer-employee relations
  •           Those from overseas

These are examples of how buyer personas are important in marketing campaigns. A persona is an archetypal representation of the kind of customer likely to be attracted to certain services. This may include a range of factors, such as the following:

  •           Age
  •           Sex
  •           Profession
  •           Income
  •           Nationality

How will this affect your marketing campaigns?

Such aspects will determine the buyer persona your campaign would focus on in your marketing and, in turn, will shape your digital marketing strategy.

For instance, a campaign that is aimed at professionals might want to use LinkedIn as a platform for social media activity. A campaign for dealing with harassment in the workplace will be targeted more at younger women. EU nationals might be a key market after Brexit amid uncertainty over their future working rights.

The persona of each campaign may be very different because of these and other factors. Fir example, a future campaign might focus on the persona of the typical member of a group affected by a new piece of employment legislation.

What can BeUniqueness do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we have great experience in building buyer personas. By taking the relevant common characteristics, we can help you target the right kind of people in every campaign.

This will help you ensure you raise awareness of your services, get more leads and enjoy a better return on investment for your marketing campaign.