Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment

Why content is king for e-commerce sales of electronic equipment

Good content marketing can make a huge difference to e-Commerce firms trading in electrical equipment, by raising awareness of the best products in a crowded market.



Electronic equipment is one of the categories that is likely to be sold heavily through the E-commerce sector. There is an obvious reason for this: Much of the market consists of devices like computers and mobile phones with all the internet access associated with it, so those purchasing items are likely to be significant users of the internet.

This being the case, it might be very easy to stereotype the typical electronics goods customer as a ‘geek’ who knows all the computer coding languages and the finer details of every appliance. However, this is only a small niche group.

What sort of marketing might best reach consumers?

The majority of the market for electronics goods will be people who aren’t huge experts on every digital device out there. They don’t think they already know what is best; but they do want to be better informed so that when they purchase a device such as a laptop or smartphone, they are getting the best devices available for the money they are willing to spend.

Their needs and wants could include any of the following:

  •          The inclusion of desirable functions
  •          Good value for money
  •          High quality customer service

This is where good content marketing can play a role. Content such as blogs works in a more editorial way rather than an advertorial one, providing plenty of useful information that helps people make informed choices. Consumer magazines do this to an extent, but from a neutral perspective. However, good content can go further and help gently persuade people why a particular product is the best one to meet a consumer’s various needs and wants.

Good content also uses search engine optimisation such as keywords to help people find details about electronic goods in search engines.

Which digital marketing services would be best for electronics goods?

In addition to content marketing, there are various other services that could be particularly useful when marketing electronic devices:  

      PPC - PPC ads for electronic goods such as mobile phones can generate lots of leads and help you to quickly connect with potential customers.

         Email marketing - This is a very effective way of following up leads. By focusing on the electronic items the customer is interested in, you can focus your marketing on those and where the customer is in the buyer journey.
         Social media marketing - This is another powerful platform for those targeting customers in this market. Whether it is mobiles, laptops or accessories, you can create awareness and interest, as well as starting discussions about the best gadgets.
         Ecommerce influencers - There are plenty of e-commerce influencers working in the area of electronics goods and we can get someone on board to help make a major favourable impact on your fortunes
         SMS marketing - Want to promote your goods from earphones to webcams, from tablets to smartphones? SMS provides an extra way in to do so through sending notifications, reminders and other communications to potential customers
      Call tracking - Is your marketing strategy keeping up with the latest desires of consumers in the electronics sector? Find out what ads, keywords and campaigns work best over the phone and on the web, using state-of-the art analytics software   

How can BeUniqueness help you?

BeUniqueness has a wealth of marketing experience to offer, both in helping you understand the ‘buyer persona’ of your target market and to shape a tailored digital marketing strategy that suits your firm and the kind of products it supplies.