Digital Media and Internet Solicitors

Digital Media and Internet Solicitors

Why digital law firms need online marketing strategies more than other law firms

Every law firm will benefit from having a strong digital presence, but those whose clients operate in the sector will need to do more than the rest.

In a digital age, most law firms will have realised that having good online and digital facilities will greatly enhance what they can offer to clients. Simply having lawyers online with a website and email means they can make information more readily available and communicate better with clients.

However, that is just a fraction of what can be achieved through using digital marketing, including SEO for law firms, attractive blogs, email marketing, social media campaigns and much else besides.

The one category of law practice that needs to embrace this more than any other is for digital law firms.

Like any other firm developing a marketing strategy, it will be important to develop a buyer persona - a characterisation of the kind of client the strategy is aimed at. This is a case where the key elements of the persona will be obvious and it will be particularly important to reflect them in the strategy.

Quite simply, if a legal firm wants to show its potential clients in the digital sector that it is up with the times and understands all the most cutting-edge developments in the sector (such as the most recent legislation passed in 2017), it needs to demonstrate this in its own marketing and day-to-day operations.

For example, suppose a digital law firm had a website with technical SEO failings such as a slow load-up time, or a lot of bad backlinks. This would clearly not impress a potential client. Alternatively, imagine such a law firm was producing blogs about issues in the digital realm while demonstrating shortcomings of their own in this same area. This would undermine its marketing efforts.

Furthermore, it is important to bear in mind that while legal content marketing can be effective for many kinds of law firm in reaching the target market, the digital sector is by its very nature the most likely to use digital means to search for legal services.

Of course, a legal firm dealing in digital law will have plenty of expertise in the sector with which to impress potential clients. The use of content marketing techniques such as regular blogs and news offers a great opportunity to demonstrate both important knowledge and understanding of current legal issues facing digital and the capacity to harness this medium to convey a marketing message.

At BeUniqueness, we can help your digital law firm develop a strategy that fully recognises the market you are dealing with. That means coming up with a plan to ensure your own expertise and understanding of the sector is right at the forefront of every part of your marketing plan.