How can digital marketing help to raise your profile as a consultant?

Business consultancy is a growing and important feature of the commercial landscape as firms seek to streamline their operations, devise effective strategies and maximise opportunities. But as a consultant your own growth may depend on having a string digital marketing strategy.

Business consultants know plenty about how to create a strategy for a firm; by seeing where a client is at, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, understanding what can be built on and where change is necessary, your role can be vital in helping firms improve their performance.

However, marketing your firm is vital if potential clients are to start becoming real ones. That means you need an effective strategy to do so.

Unfortunately, many business consultants and coaches fail to do this, and suffer as a consequence.

A study by Consulting Success in 2018 highlighted a range of issues:

  •          Trying to do it yourself: 32% struggled with this, which suggests they might have been wise getting some help
  •          Under-investment: Of those with only 1-3 clients, just 25% marketed their business every day, whereas among
  •          41% struggle with making phone calls for marketing purposes, while only 7% said phoning people was the best means of bringing in business
  •          Most significantly of all, most consultants did not invest much in their marketing, with those who did unsurprisingly enjoying higher incomes

All this suggests many consultants could benefit from adopting a new strategy. Indeed, the survey found many consultants were planning to try new methods such as digital marketing in 2019.

Role of digital marketing in the Consultancy Industry

Small and medium firms across different sectors are finding traditional marketing to be less effective, but in an increasingly digital age, you can benefit from a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

An effective digital marketing strategy can achieve all of the following:

  •          Digital marketing can reach a wider and larger audience than conventional and traditional marketing methods like newspaper ads, billboards or events
  •          Ensure there is widespread awareness of your services and the benefits they can bring to your clients
  •          Provide you with leads and means of following these up to help them progress along the buyer journey
  •          Increase your online profile through wider social media exposure

A digital strategy combining some or all of these elements can therefore help you to raise your profile, highlight your unique selling point and focus more effectively on the buyer persona of your target market.

Why does your strategy need to be tailored?  

There is no one-size-fits all strategy that will work for everyone. For example, while almost anyone will benefit from using social media, the platforms you use and the kind of content you post will depend on the nature of your clients and the sort of businesses they run.

  •          For instance, LinkedIn is likely to be the best for professional, B2B services, while if you are targeting a niche of young female entrepreneurs Instagram may be a very effective platform.
  •          Similarly, the length of content blogs and what platforms you would post them on would also vary according to your target market.
  •          Paid advertising may work better on some platforms than others depending who you are pitching them at.
  •          The development of a buyer persona is also vital, because it ensures that the right kinds of people and companies - as well as the sort of needs that you can meet - are a central element of the strategy.

Just as you know what your potential clients needs, so the strategies you need to boost your marketing return on investment will reflect how you need to present yourself to them as the provider of the solutions they are looking for.

Top 6 recommended digital marketing services for the consultancy industry

  •          Content blogs - these can raise awareness of your work, what you do and your unique selling points
  •          SEO - Through providing your content with the right keywords, good images, high-quality backlinks, we can help you gain first-page rankings on search engines in six months
  •          Pay-per-click ads - These can help generate leads quickly
  •          Social media management - This can be effective in building awareness and interaction with potential clients, managing your reputation and attracting more visitors to your website
  •          Website analysis and development – These can elevate  your website and enhance it to ensure it gives visitors a better user experience

How can BeUniqueness help?  

At BeUniqueness, we have years of expertise in devising the right digital marketing strategies, each of which is tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Just as you wouldn’t give the same advice or propose the same solutions for all your clients, we wouldn’t offer the same thing to every one of our customers. The key is the same every time: Identifying the need and devising a solution specifically to meet it, while not wasting resources on solutions for problems that don’t exist.

This way, whatever your strengths, whoever you are targeting and whatever kind of business mentoring or consultancy you are involved with, we can ensure you have a strategy in place that will give you a great marketing return on investment.