Business/Corporate Solicitors

Business/Corporate Solicitors

How content marketing can improve your appeal to corporate clients

Solicitors working in the corporate sector will be aware just how hard it is to make an impact in a very competitive field, which is why your marketing strategy will need to be very effective.

Finding an effective marketing strategy has proved to be a major problem for small and medium legal firms. In recent years, traditional marketing methods have been shown to deliver weak returns, highlighting the need for an alternative approach.

Content marketing offers just that. It does not merely harness a new platform by using the internet; it provides the basis of a comprehensive and coherent digital marketing strategy that can go a long way to raising awareness of your services and what your firm is about.

Why does content marketing offer a better way?

Most importantly, content tells your potential clients a story, outlining not just what you do, but what you do it and what is different about your firm. Any unique selling point you have should be emphasised to increase your appeal.

Using blogs, news and other content, it markets indirectly by working to the rule of seven -the well-established understanding that someone needs to see a marketing message seven times on average before they will commit to making a purchase.  

This means the content will need to be both relevant and attractive to the reader, covering topics of interest to potential corporate clients.

In order to do this, content should be focused on the needs, desires and characteristics of potential clients - the elements that make up the ‘buyer persona’ of the archetypal customer.

What helps content get noticed?

Content must also use search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure the articles are easy to find in the first instance. The biggest single factor in this is keywords, either short-tail (single words or short phrases) or long-tail (a larger number of words for a more detailed search). However, there are also a number of other factors at play, such as relevant links, good images and reliability.

The ultimate aim of the optimisation strategy is to ensure the articles make the first page of the search engine rankings, since research has shown most people do not look beyond the first results page. This takes time, so a focused and clear strategy is needed to ensure consistently high-quality, well-optimised content.

How can we help?

At BeUniqueness, we have years of expertise in devising content strategies and producing content with great SEO for law firms. We know the business of legal content marketing is a process, with potential buyers going through the phases of awareness and consideration before making a decision to buy. With our help, you can have a content strategy in place that takes your potential clients all the way through this process, raising your return on marketing investment.