How can better website design help barristers improve communication?

The need for good communication between barristers and clients should be clear enough, but often law firms can be let down by their websites.

In a digital age, clients will expect to find lawyers online and there are great advantages for barristers who can show that they are very good at communication.

After all, any case that goes to court is sure to be an anxious time for clients, either as they seek to gain a conviction or compensation, or because they need to defend themselves. Amid the uncertainty, they will greatly appreciate being kept well-informed.

However, research - such as the 2015 LexisNexis Bellweather Report - has shown that many lawyers have overestimated how good they are at keeping in touch. Most think they are good at it, but fewer than half their clients agree.

This gap between perception and reality is a warning for the legal sector in general to improve, but it is also an opportunity: law firms that can demonstrate good communication skills can make this a major selling point.

This is where a legal website designer can help. A well-designed site should be set up so that it is easily navigable, making it much easier to find information. It should also offer contact details and display these prominently so they can easily be found.

A good example of where communication can be clear is in the area of cost. A web page clearly setting out what people are paying for will give them a very clear idea of what the bill will be. Another example is a page outlining legal processes, which can walk clients through the whole sequence of events that will take place in a court case.

The site can also highlight the commitments you make to staying in touch. A good way of guaranteeing this is to set your firm key performance indicators, or KPIs. These can outline the time frames within which a message will receive a reply, or how often there will be an automatic update.

Services we recommend to enhance communication 

  •          Website design - A great new website created from scratch will be a huge asset to you and your clients
  •          Website development - The overhaul of an existing website can make it into a superb, user-friendly portal
  •          Website analysis - This can show what parts of your website need to be improved
  •          Email marketing - as well as promoting your services, you can use email to keep clients in touch with new developments of interest to them

How BeUniqueness can help

At BeUniqueness, we can help design a website for you that offers an excellent user experience for clients. With an attractive design, easy navigation and plenty of information, your site will be a great asset to you as you show prospective customers how committed you are to providing them with all the information they need.