How can well-optimised content marketing help bankruptcy solicitors reach their target markets?

Bankruptcy solicitors who want to reach their contact markets are likely to have found the traditional methods of trying to market themselves have provided a very low return investment. This is the common experience of small and medium law firms of all types.

If it is clear that the old way of doing things doesn’t work, the key question is: what sort of marketing strategy will make a difference for bankruptcy solicitors?

Content marketing offers a new approach that offers a more indirect method of selling, by producing interesting and engaging articles, blogs and news relating to the subject in question.

By doing this, content can help not just provide something of initial interest to the target audience but will prompt them to come back for more. There is an important reason for this: marketers often refer to the ‘rule of seven’, which notes that research has shown the average consumer needs to see a marketing message seven times before they commit to a purchase.

Therefore, good legal content marketing will follow up the original content with more so prospective customers will read your material multiple times.

To achieve this, however, requires people to see it in the first place. Most people are familiar with using search engines to look for goods and services. But what comes up on the first page has not arrived there by chance. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes into play.

Since 90 per cent of those who search on Google don’t go past the first page, this is where you want your content to be, so good SEO is vital.

A range of factors will help boost SEO. Primarily, good keywords that are relevant to the search will help. Individual words or short phrases (known as short-tail keywords) can help, but so can long-tail keywords, which are lengthier phrases that relate to specific issues.

In the case of a solicitor dealing in bankruptcy, something like "bankruptcy petition” is an obvious example of a short-tail keyword, while something like "what is the difference between bankruptcy and insolvency?” is a long-tail keyword.

However, search engines like Google take into account many other factors too. Some of these are kept secret, but it is known that relevance and reliability have a positive impact, as do images and videos.

At BeUniqueness, we know how providing SEO for law firms can make a major difference in helping you market your services. With our tailored solutions we can help integrate optimised content into a wider digital marketing strategy to give your marketing efforts a major boost.