If you run a small accountancy firm, a strong content marketing strategy can make a huge difference in the level of awareness and number of leads you can get.

Running a small accountancy firm puts you in a position to positively affect the financial affairs of a large number of clients. But before you can help them resolve their problems and maximise their opportunities, you need to make them your clients first.

To do that is not easy for an SME firm. Without an in-house marketing operation or a large marketing budget, you need help to grow awareness of your firm and bring in new leads.

How can SEO help you with your marketing?

This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) can make a great difference to you, through content marketing and a pay-per-click advertising campaign.

These work in different ways, but both use SEO:

  • SEO primarily uses keywords people are likely to search for to make content easy to find online. This is supported by content being authoritative, relevant, having good images and other factors.
  •          Organic content marketing consists of blogs, news and other articles designed to build up SEO ranking over time and grow awareness of your firm among those reading the content  
  •          Pay-per-click (PPC) involves paid ads placed on the first page of search engines or on social media and is a very effective way of getting leads

What does Organic SEO achieve?

In the case of organic content, the key is for regular content to be published. This is because authority - a key factor in SEO - grows with the volume of content. Also, marketers know that on average, a potential customer needs to see a marketing message seven times before they make a buying decision.

Where content marketing differs from direct selling is that it approaches the issue indirectly and covers it authoritatively. For an accountant, for example, a content blog might cover tax issues relating to new laws, or a common problem people have in estate planning.

Why is PPC useful if your budget is limited?

PPC works more directly, but it still needs to correspond to the keywords people are searching for.

It is very useful for those with limited marketing budgets for several reasons:

  •          You only pay if someone clicks on the ad
  •          You can limit your budget so you don’t end up with more to pay than you hoped if you get lots of clicks
  •          You can start your campaign by running two test ads in parallel and then choosing the one that gets a better response, ensuring a more likely return on investment

Apart from this, PPC is very good at giving you a presence on the first page of search engine rankings right away, whereas it takes 6-9 months on average for good organic content to reach the first page.

Services we would recommend for you

To make the most of SEO and get your accountancy firm growing fast, we recommend the following services:

         Content marketing - this will build up awareness of your firm and brand as well as positioning you as an authority on financial matters
         PPC - Bring in more leads for your firm and enjoy a first-page search rankings presence
         Social media marketing - Optimised social media posts can also help bring in leads and raise your profile
         Website analysis - We can find ways to enhance our site including improvements to your technical SEO such as faster page load ups and eliminating broken links.

What can BeUniqueness do to help you?

At BeUniqueness, we have extensive knowledge of how SEO can help generate awareness and leads. We can help you build a digital marketing strategy that can use this and more in a way that suits your firm and your target market, giving you a great return on investment and helping your firm grow.