Social Media Tracking

Social media is playing a growing role in marketing, but only with good tracking and monitoring can you find out if your strategy is truly working.

The use ofsocial media has been one of the major features of marketing in recent years. In an increasingly digital world, social media has become a huge area of user growth and has provided a massive opportunity for firms to engage with potential customers.

Why is social media such a powerful marketing tool?

Indeed, the growth of social media use in the UK has made it one of the leading nations in the world for social media use. Observing this, many firms have used these platforms in their marketing mix as a means of advertising and raising awareness.

This is done through tools such as:

  •          Paid search
  •          Organic social media content such as blogs
  •          The use of video

How can you be sure your social media strategy works?

However, while your firm may want to do likewise, how can you know that your social media marketing strategy is the right one?

Social media tracking is a great way of making sure that you are not misdirecting your efforts and are getting lots of engagement with your activity.

Analysing engagement can be done with various social media analytics tools. Many platforms have their own, such as:

  •          Facebook Insights
  •          Linkedin Analytics
  •          Twitter Analytics

The key is to ensure that your social media strategy is working - or find out why it isn’t.

What use can you make of the information gathered?

Among the various issues you may gain new insights into are the following:

  •          Are you targeting the correct platforms?
  •          Is the kind of content you are producing making a positive impact?
  •          What impact has any change in your strategy had?

The more you can find out from tracking, the more you can make informed decisions about what elements of your social media strategy to persist with and what to change.

Social media tracking can also aid your understanding of associated matters, such as the nature of your target market. One aspect of the buyer persona - the archetypal customer - will be the kind of social media they use, so this kind of monitoring can help you establish if this needs to be altered.

How can Beuniqueness help?

BeUniqueness has a wealth of experience in helping track the performance of social media. With our help, we can help you to develop a social media strategy that works well for you, identifying its strengths and helping to spot and eliminate weaknesses.