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Why is social media important for solicitors?

Social Media offers a wonderful opportunity for solicitors to publicise their firms, tell their story and grow their business. However, many firms fail to make the most of it.

All too often, solicitors - like many other firms - will set up a social media page or two without a clear and comprehensive strategy to use it to generate more awareness of their services, entice new custom and communicate better with existing clients.

What that means is your social media presence can end up being a token effort that adds little value and does not impress site visitors much. If your rivals have a much more developed social media strategy, this can leave you trailing.

Because of this, it is important to understand what opportunities social media presents and also how you can make the most of them.

Why social media offers such a great opportunity

A key reason for using social media is the sheer scale of social media usage in the UK, with research showing around two thirds of Britons use social media. This figure is expected to go on increasing during the 2020s.

  • Facebook has around 40 million UK users
  •          YouTube has between 25 and 40 million
  •          There are around 27 million LinkedIn profiles 
  •          Instagram has around 24 million users
  •          There are more than 13 million Twitter profiles  
  •          The typical UK social media user spends an hour and 50 minutes a day using it

In addition to all this, a global total of around 60 million company profiles exist on Facebook alone. This indicates that companies recognise the potential benefits of social media, even if some fail to maximise its marketing potential.

Ways you can use social media effectively

Having access to a huge number of potential customers is a good reason to be on social media to start with. However, there are several specific ways you can maximise this in order to raise awareness of your services, generate leads and interact more with potential and current customers.

  •          Regular social media posts help create awareness
  •          Video is effective in marketing and both Facebook and YouTube offer good platforms for it
  •          Pay-per-click advertising can help you bring in new leads
  •          You can use your social media to chat with prospective and actual clients, improving communication and helping answer questions and queries
  •          Social media management can include reputation management, helping tackle any negative feedback and highlight positive comments
  • You can choose which platforms are best according to your buyer persona, a characterisation of your archetypal customer. For example, services aimed at B2B customers should use LinkedIn.

In practice, you are unlikely to be best served by using all of these at the same time. Therefore, it is important to use the most beneficial tools to help your firm meet its needs at a particular time, often in combination with other digital marketing services to help get the best results.

What can social media management do for you?

With our social media management services we can help you leverage these opportunities to increase your return on investment and grow your firm.

Also, with our wider experience in digital marketing for law firms, we can integrate your social media strategy with other services to help you grow.

These are just some of the extra things we can offer your firm as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Why BeUniqueness offers something more

At BeUniqueness, We don’t just offer digital marketing for law firms: As one of the leading digital agencies in Manchester, we provide a tailored service that can be designed to suit your own firm’s very specific needs. We can also use your unique selling points as an important element of your social media campaigns.

A social media marketing strategy tailored to your firm at BeUniqueness can be the most effective way to grow your law firm.

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