Review Collection

How can you develop an effective sales strategy?

Every firm can benefit from good reviews - and reviews collections offers a great way not only to do that, but ensure positive messages are seen by a large number of people.

Every business can benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations by happy customers, but when these remain purely verbal the good news will only spread so far. That is why getting great online reviews can make a real positive difference.

What is Review Collection all about?

Review collection is a service that can give your business the benefit of that extra exposure, through providing a platform that can collect real customer reviews and publish them online. This can then give potential new customers the confidence they need to make clear decisions to purchase your products and services.

  •          The service is provided through a Google licensed review partner and will enable your firm to get organic stars and seller ratings in both Google and Bing.
  •          Your ratings can appear against your name when it comes up on a search engine page
  •          The number of reviews will also be displayed and will be accessible for people to read

As well as helping to provide more awareness of your firm and what it offers, build up trust and increasing custom, it also saves you money on upfront advertising costs.

  •          You can collect reviews and enjoy the benefits of them staying online for a long time, instead of having to pay for a review to be written that will only stay online for a short time.
  •          It also means you can reduce your spend on other means of getting publicity, such as PPC ads.
  •          You can get better click-through rates, more conversions and sales
  •          It can dovetail with your other interactive digital marketing efforts, such as the use of organic social media  

What sort of reviews can you get?

There is more than one kind of review available through review collection, with each offering different benefits:

  •          Company reviews: These give an overall picture of a firm, what it offers, it’s USP, its overarching philosophy, plus its strengths and weaknesses
  •          Product reviews: These offer opinions on the qualities of individual products
  •          Local reviews: These offer geographically specific reviews on a firm’s performance in a certain location

Why will the review collection system increase trust in your firm?

The system works through providing genuine and authentic reviews. It may seem superficially tempting to invent some good reviews, but real reviews will create greater confidence among those trying to find out more about what you have to offer, as well as those who write the reviews to begin with. In the latter case, they will know that what they have to say will not be altered to make it look better. 

What extra benefits will review collection bring?

Because the reviews you receive will be honest and authentic, they can give you invaluable feedback on the service you provide.

  •          They can show you what you are doing well and may even need to do more of
  •          They can also reveal areas for improvement and may contain suggestions for how you can do this
  •          They might give you new ideas for customer service you had not even thought of before
  •          You can learn more about your customer base and fine-tune your buyer persona accordingly

By taking all this information on board, you can fine-tune your service and ensure that what you have to offer is even better going forward. This should then be reflected in even more positive reviews.

How BeUniqueness can help you

BeUniqueness can help you get set up with a review collection system, ensuring that you can soon start to enjoy the benefits of being able to collect and publish reviews that will give our business lots of publicity and help you to enhance your customer service.

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