Paid Search Advertising Agency UK

Paid search advertising offers a less intrusive alternative to random pop-up online ads, providing a potentially far greater return on investment.

There are many forms of paid search, but paid search advertising can be a particularly effective way of ensuring consumers seeking products or services like yours get to see what you have to offer.

Types of paid search advertising

Search advertising involves placing online adverts on web pages that those using search engines are directed to from the ranking pages.

These come in two kinds:

  •          Search ads, which appear when someone is looking for a product by a related keyword
  •          Display ads - these appear at other times, such as pop-ups before reading content or before a YouTube video is shown.


The key benefit of this lies in the intentions of the consumer using a search engine; they can do so seeking to compare their options before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, if they are looking for a particular kind of product or service, the presence of your advert can be particularly timely in bringing to their attention the fact that you offer them an option.

How do paid search ads work?

Because these are paid ads, they can work on a pay-per-click basis; you only pay the search engine or web platform (such as a social media site) if someone clicks on the ad. Alternatively, ads can be paid for by the number of views.

A key advantage of these ads is that they are less intrusive than pop-up ads:

  • A pop-up ad can appear at any time on any platform but may not be relevant to what the person viewing content is looking for
  • It might be they are not looking to make any purchase at that time
  • By contrast, a sponsored search ad is designed specifically to match up with the very thing someone has gone online to search for

This provides an alternative to organic SEO for firms looking to sell products online.

  • However, it still requires a good keyword match and like organic SEO, that can include long-tail keywords consisting of several words.
  • The cost of running an ad can depend on the keywords, with the most popular search terms costing more.
  • Negative keywords can also be selected for exclusion, so that similar search terms that relate to something different to the products or services you offer can be filtered out.

Other campaign management tools include running test ads, where different ads can be run in parallel to each other and the better performing one can then be kept.

Because this kind of testing can be useful in maximising returns on investment, it can take some time to get a campaign fully up to speed. However, you can also run multiple campaigns at the same time.

How can you measure they success of paid search ads?

As with other forms of paid search, there are several ways of measuring the success of a campaign using analytics packages.

  • Cost per thousand views
  • Click-through rate - the percentage of views that lead to a click
  • Cost-per click
  • Cost per action - this works by specifying the action taken after someone has clicked, as that may range from a request for more information to an outright sale
  • Total minutes - this offers a more accurate picture than web page views, as it shows how long people have spent on a web page. If the average time is low, it means viewers have mostly not been attracted by the product and have navigated away.

What can BeUniqueness do to help?

At BeUniqueness, we can help you devise a marketing strategy that is suited to your firm. If you are using paid search adverts, we can help you combine this with other tools - such as content marketing, email marketing and social media management - to find the best combination to generate leads, grow awareness and increase revenues by finding more paying customers.