Organic Search

How can you make the best use of organic search?


Organic search is how most people find out information on the internet, which means your content needs to be optimised to make it easily found.

There are two types of content to be found on search engines: organic and paid. The latter, used in marketing methods such as pay-per-click advertising, is a means of buying space on search engines and can be used to fast-track content. Organic, however, takes more time.

What can you do to make your organic content easy to find?

Organic search works on the basis that content makes its own way up the search rankings by virtue of its search engine optimisation (SEO) A range of elements contribute to this:

  •          Keywords
  •          Relevance
  •          Authority
  •          Readability
  •          High-quality, relevant still images and videos

These are not the only elements in search engine algorithms that determine rankings - Google is estimated to have around 200 factors - but they are among the most important. If your digital marketing strategy is to work, your content marketing needs to be highly optimised.

A central reason for this is the nature of the way people use organic search. Research has shown that:

  •          The overwhelming majority of people do not look beyond the first ranking page
  •          The top result is the most likely to be clicked on
  •          The second highest result is the next most likely to be clicked on, followed by the third and so on.

Why patience matters

Much of this is about persistence as well as excellence. Even if your early content is optimised in a range of great ways, it is unlikely to get a high ranking. That is because authority takes time to build up. The majority of content on the top search rankings pages comes from URLs that are more than two years old.

For this reason, content that scores well in organic search is not something achieved overnight. It usually takes six months or more for good content to hit the first page.

However, once this is achieved, the volume of content posted by this time will be a major asset. If well-written, it will provide plenty of cross-linked reading material and help raise awareness of your firm, what you do and the story of what you are about.

After all, your content does not just need to be found; it must help trigger the buyer journey.  

How our understanding of organic search makes a difference

At BeUniqueness, we have a strong understanding of how good content can help you be found more easily in organic search. With our help, you can reach far more potential future clients, helping start the sales journey that will end with many of them becoming your customers.