5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your E-Commerce Store

By Sarah Adams
07 Mar 2023
The shift in customer behaviour and technical advancements have prompted the e-commerce sector to understand the shifting user needs and issued a challenge to new enterprises. Although the concept of beginning an e-commerce store is appealing, there are some factors to consider. Read on for some e-commerce tips.

Top 3s you want to focus on

1. Act and get the ball rolling.

It may be super simple to build your own e-commerce store. Non-technical specialists can use some platforms because they don't require any coding and website design knowledge. The appearance of your store may be customized on some platforms, and you can also utilize applications to make it more functional. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience and danger of stocking your own items, you can use dropshipping to get goods from other vendors.

2. Drive targeted traffic to the store

When launching your new business to the public, you should implement website tracking using Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. These tools enable you to collect information about your website's users, execute marketing tactics, and develop unique and similar audiences. It's also vital to identify which types of traffic, either organic or paid, visit your online business. Organic traffic refers to website users that visit your site from unpaid search results such as blog postings, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Paid traffic includes Facebook Ads, which allow you to target particular Facebook groups and a massive user database.

3. Raise your average order value.

To determine the average order value, divide the total income by the number of orders. For example, if a client is about to buy or has already purchased a t-shirt, you may offer them a discount. You may present them with a second offer for yet another thing, or you can offer them a comparable item at a discount.

Your first objective should be to increase the average order value, enabling you to spend even more money to gain the consumer and outbid your competition in battling for the same kind of consumer.

2 Things You Can't Make Do Without...

4. Don't forget about email marketing.

Even after you get a lead or client, email marketing can be effective since you can start developing powerful flows and segmentation to maximize open rates or deliverability.

5. Build an authentic brand.

Only offer items you'd be happy to buy yourself; therefore, look for suppliers who ship quickly and care about their customers' experiences. Retaining current consumers is far less expensive than acquiring new ones. Your consumers will grow to be your most valuable marketing asset over time.

Find an area of interest that you enjoy. Do some market research to evaluate if your product has adequate demand. You may conduct a simple Google search to discover how many companies, goods, advertisements, and websites are out there.


With these e-commerce tips, you'll be well on your way to building an e-commerce store you can be proud of. Your company may be sold in the future, or you may bring in new investors who may help you grow to new heights.