eCommerce SEO 101: A Beginner’s Guide

By Scott Marrin
02 Mar 2023

eCommerce SEO is an area that has gained huge amounts of attention over the past number of years, with many of the companies able to rank well for popular commercial search terms. In this era of digital marketing, this has become one of the major interests.

The Overview

While not as “creative” or “unique” as other forms, this type is still a vital part of being found organically online, especially when it comes to lead generation and driving sales .

This beginner’s guide will go over some of the major factors in this strategy that will help you in digital marketing , and how you can get started on optimizing your search engine presence for lead generation and lead management purposes.

It can be divided into two stages: organic and paid.

  • Organic: Involves working on the keywords that lead to your store, and then building content around them. You need to find out what keywords lead to customers purchasing from you (for example, if they search ‘colorful cotton handkerchiefs’, maybe they will buy one of your blue ones?) and then how to best present that information on your site.
  • Paid: These are platforms that you can use to get people to fill out lead information forms, for example, if they wanted to receive a lead magnet, such as a lead magnet e-book on how to use lead generation sources.

Why is e-commerce SEO important?

This type is very important since it makes sure that your page or products rank best in google searches. This also drives traffic to your website leading to rising in sales since customers will have gained trust with you from the ranking. This also gives you a strong competitive advantage over your competitors making you realize more sales.

Your strategy should be focused on lead types:

1. Name is the most common lead type you will see, where people are looking to receive emails.

2. The phone is still common in some niches, such as the finance and insurance industry.

3. The address is also somewhat common, and people filling out this lead type are looking to receive a lead magnet in the mail.

4. E-commerce is where lead magnets are sent to customers who have purchased something from your site so that they can continue the relationship you have together.

Once you have decided how to lead generate, you need to make sure your lead magnets are high quality and relevant.


this guide followed with the right knowledge and steps will help in the accomplishment of the strategy. For lead management lead magnets should be as relevant as possible as lead magnets can lead to lead management.