Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

We are proud to be the first digital marketing and branding firm for the legal sector in the UK to offer a money back guarantee to our customers.

We’ve all experienced occasions when someone has failed to provide the service they promised.

  •          They may be late.
  •          They might fail to deliver what was agreed
  •          They didn’t get you the promised result.
  •       Often it was clearly due to their own mistakes, yet you still paid the full price.

So often does this happen, that some people have given up even raising a complaint, because they know nothing will be done about it.

What is our unique money back guarantee about?

Ours is a firm that likes to live up to its name. As well as offering unique services and the opportunity to tailor your service package in a way that fits your own firm’s individual needs, our money-back guarantee (subject to terms and conditions) helps ensure you get a great service.

Quite simply, with us you get what you pay for - or you don’t pay for it at all.

Our money back guarantee covers three areas.

  •          Firstly, you can expect to get your service on time. If we fail and it’s our fault, you get a full refund.  
  •          Secondly, you get what we agreed you would receive, so if we make a mistake and fall short of this, you get your money back.
  •           Finally, if we promise to deliver a result and our error leads to us failing, then once again you pay nothing.

How does this reflect our commitment to you?

Not only does this keep us on our toes and ensures our commitment to providing you with the best possible service; it also means:

  •          You can be assured that meeting our promises is something we believe we can achieve every single time.
  •          With our dedicated and skilled staff on board, we can make this promise to you with confidence that we can deliver on it.
  •          We are proud of our skills and the commitment we show to giving every customer the best possible user experience. 

Why does being unique matter to us?

If we were like those companies who could let you down and suffer no consequence beyond having to offer an apology, we could allow our standards to slip and that would make it far more likely we would fail to deliver the service and results you want. We don’t want to be like that at all. We want to exceed expectations instead.

Here at BeUniqueness, when we talk about being unique we mean it. Our commitment is not just market leading; it is something you just won’t get from anyone else.