Weng Castro

Project Manager
Having worked for international companies from different parts of the world helped Rowena (Weng) realize she wasn't up for a regular managerial position. Her energy, creativity, and strong will to not settle for less-than-the-best finally brought her to BeUniqueness, where she became the most-treasured resource literally the day she walked through our doors.

Rowena carries with her a strong background in Project and Account Management. Having a vast technical background, she mostly worked for companies in the software development and e-commerce industry as a Project/Account Manager and Business Analyst. 


Observing, monitoring and coordinating as a pro and effortlessly mucking in only goes on showing how she's always shooting for the best. No wonder she's been putting up great show-taking things forward, as she has been a part of them since day one.


If you don't find her at her work desk, she's probably busy enjoying the creative side of her and life in general with her 11-yo. That helps her refuel and recharge for the next day at work, always with a dazzling smile, like nothing else, she says.

Favourite Quote

Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.