Keroish Temara

Market Researcher
Trinity graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Market Research from the University of Texas in 2011. For the next ten years, she worked with several companies, before landing a job with uniqueness in 2021.

Keroish started her Market Research degree back when most of the world did business offline. After she graduated, was the time when social media platforms were on the rise, and slowly, the world shifted online. With the pandemic in the picture, even the business that had been resisting the change had to sign on. 

This meant that there were several points where the market changed entirely in the past decade, and Trinity was there to research it all! 

Today, she’s an expert at her craft and has been effectively helping her clients find their target audience, and then use that knowledge to their advantage. In the past year alone, Trinity has managed to take 20+ companies from the very bottom of the barrel to the top! 

In her free time, Trinity likes to change things up entirely. She spends her time painting in peace, far away from everyone else. To her, that’s the way she can stay grounded and recharge so she’s ready to take on the next day, with everything she’s got!

Favourite Quote

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -Nelson Mandela